Monday, April 27, 2009


on an unrelated baby note, asparagus season has arrived! ben and i froze nearly two pounds last night, and still had some fresh for dinner. yummm, there is nothing quite like fresh asparagus. so, if you were wanting to visit to meet marley, now is definitely the time. asparagus season lasts until about the end of may.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a long week for momma

well, we had lots of firsts this week. marley is no longer being swaddled at night, so that was a first. she started kicking out of the blanket, so we decided it wasn't too safe anymore. luckily it's getting warmer. last night as i was putting her down for the night, i noticed that her head, feet, and arms were touching the sides of the moses basket. i guess she's too big for it, so tonight she will be sleeping in her bassinet/play pen thing for the first time. and we had our first cold this week. not a terrible one, but she is very congested. don't worry it's in her nose, not her chest and the snot is clear, not lime green. after a minor freak out and some sleepless nights, i got this cold thing down. she is also old enough to really enjoy her boppy pillow. she is still talking and laughing a lot. i'll try to video some more. and she is into a new hold in her papoose. she can face forward now and watch everything. she and great grandma jones and i went shopping last week and she really enjoyed watching the world go by. i'm supposed to get pictures soon from ben's aunt lori, from her first easter, so i will share those as i get them.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

photo fun...

here's a few pictures of the two month old! i can't believe she's that old already...i tried to get one good one of her in her baptism dress, the others were just for kicks...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

the marley report

well, easter went well. she was all dressed up and we were headed out the door when a poopsplosion happened. it was intense. we were a little late to dayton, but nobody seemed to mind. i left my camera in the car, so i am going to have to ask ben's aunt lori for pictures. we went to the doctor on tuesday. marley got her first shots. it was very traumatic. she cried, i cried. it's a good thing ben was there to be rational. she now weighs 11 pounds 14 ounces and is 23 inches long. the doctor said she was right on track with everything. her pushing up with her legs like she loves to do is usually a four month old thing, so she's even a little bit advanced. you should have seen ben grin when the doctor said that. =) it is beautiful and sunny and warm finally here, so marley and i are going to be outside this afternoon. we'll probably take louie for a walk. it's been so gross here the past couple of days. we're also going to try for some glamour shots today, so if i have success i will post new pictures of marley soon...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

marley and her quilt

marley loves this quilt that my mom made and talks to it all the time. unless you are trying to video tape her. here is what we captured:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

monkey town

well, ben and i added a monkey tree to marley's room. she's got enough to spare....she has really started to talk this past week. i guess she had a lot to say to uncle kirby. we all had a great visit, though it always makes me so sad when we have to part...i hope someday we live close again. marley has also started taking naps in her crib. this makes me a little sad b/c i think she is almost ready to sleep there and not her bassinet. she is growing so fast!!! she is also almost able to turn herself over...on a fun note, her baby mullet shows no signs of falling out and is definently ginger coloured...