Friday, September 28, 2012

video time

davis and marley have been busy girls.  here's a couple of videos.  one of which is davis's first couple of steps!

i hope those work.  three videos on youtube.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

monster hunting

so we were having a seriously craptastic day.  seriously.  crap. tas. tic.  davis woke up from her nap at 930am.  waaaaayyy too early for a one nap a day baby.  so the grumps commence.  she's not grumpy often, but when she is watch out!  and of course marley had to add her two cents.  of whining and hysterical crying for NO REASON AT ALL.  it was loud.  and unpleasant.  we went for a walk.  that seemed to soothe them both, but then the walk ended and we reverted to chaos.  my head hurts just thinking about the drama.  soooo, we put on our magic monster hunting capes, went to walmarts for our special monster repellent spray, and then went hunting.  (the bonus of the car trip?  d got lulled into a second nap!  a much happier baby woke up than went to sleep).  marls got the attention, the play, and the fun she needed.  and so did i.  i love when a crazy scheme works out.  here is the documentation of all the monster hunting we did.  our house is officially safe.  and if you need some monster repellent, simply add a couple drops of cinnamon extract to water in a squirt bottle.  monsters hate the smell of cinnamon.

if the cinnamon fails, yelling has been known to work.

that look?  that is a happy girl.  satisfied with herself and life.  win.  big parenting win.

d is showing you how big the monsters were.

monster hunting is hard work.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

the fair and a trip down memory lane

so on thursday mom and i took the girls to the fair.  it was senior day, so it wasn't crowded.  and the weather wasn't too hot, so it was a perfect day for it.  the girls had fun, marley more so.  she fell in love with a bunny. just like her momma with the animals.  =)  it was a bright day, so some of the photos seem a little washed out, but it was just the old point and click.

my brave chicken petting a pig's butt.

this poor gal was sooo fat.  how fat was she?  she was so fat her legs didn't touch the ground when she laid down.


monkey see monkey do.

french fries and funnel cake will do that to a girl.

she loves tractors.

and bunnies.

we almost stole this bunny from the petting zoo.  we needed her.

watching the ducks before the big race.

waiting for the races.

our duck didn't win but we got a duck call that is really really REALLY hard to use.

it does, however, make an awesome chew toy.

as a friend pointed out, fabulousness runs in the family.

how's about those for a dose of awesome?!  i really want a scanner for christmas.  any recommendations?