Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hurricane Harvey

Our shenanigans during the big hurricane.
We all camped out here.  The kids were worried because of the noise of the storm
Learning and perfecting chess.

Louie loved having all his people around giving him belly rubs.

We played a lot of games

We didn't finish the puzzle.  But we got pretty far.

We couldn't find Fixit.  He loved the fort.
A huge tree came down during the storm across our road.  Hours of entertainment watching the men work to clear the road. 

I joke that it was actually hurricane heavy.  We baked.  A lot. 

Hallway bowling!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Dance and welding

 Doodle's first day of dance last year.

 I have no idea how this happened.  Ha.

 Norman's first day of dance last year.

 Marls's first day of dance last year.

 Doodle lost a tooth (last year)
 Marls digging for gold.

 The tooth fairy came to visit!

 She left behind evidence.

 Welding up a flower for granny.  Marls is wearing Ben's arm sleeves as pants.

 She is such a cool kid.

 With granny's flower.