Sunday, July 31, 2011

best family portrait to date.

davis's baptism was today.  i have more photos that i will share later, but this one was too good not to share.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

colic? bah humbug!

so we have had a rough couple of days with ms davis.  she seems to hit a wall late afternoon.  monday and tuesday she started screaming inconsolably.  it was heart wrenching.  i had my post surgery check up yesterday (two thumbs up from the doc), so i stopped by her doctor's office to talk to the nurse.  the nurse said she has colic.  which, according to my readings, is medical speak for we don't know what's wrong with your child.  so i don't buy it.  colic usually starts around three weeks after birth and lasts for hours a day.  davis was like that for only 15 minutes max and she's already 8 weeks.  i mean that was long enough, believe me.  so my diet has to change.  i had started eating milk on my cereal lately and i usually don't have cereal at all.  but according to my readings young babies can have a lactose intolerance that they eventually grow out of.  so i guess i really do have to give up the bluebell.  i'm going to try giving veaganism a try for awhile.  but i love cheese.  so i might have that every once in awhile.  i mean i eat cheese on everything.  other than that we've just been getting ready for uncle kirby to come and visit!  marley is super excited.  and i can't believe i almost forgot!  ms marley mae starts dance lessons on august 18th!  she will be in a class with 9 other little girls her age doing ballet and tap!  she seems to be pretty excited about that too, but it could just be that she gets new shoes.  she loves to dance.  we have dance parties every day over here, so this should be good and fun.

marley pretending to be grumpy.  she gets up early every morning, hops into our bed and cuddles

davis blowing bubbles

her oh face


marley loves her lion.  she watches her toons on it

the 4am stretch

i just can't get enough of her little chunky thighs

Saturday, July 23, 2011

friday fun day

mama marley in the morning

making another masterpiece

coming for the camera

she heard a kirby bicycle go by (what she calls motorcycles)

come back kirby

she only stops moving when she's asleep...and even then she wiggles a lot

forting it

my cuddle monkey

sisters in matching tie dye

awww sister love

at the carousel

davis and her cheeks

this doesn't get old for marley

broccoli flowers.  i can't remember their real name but i think they're cool looking

she was having problems climbing so granny tucked her dress into her man pants

granny love

playing is hard work.  thirsty girl

it's too bad davis just can't relax
today was friday fun day.  some days i take absolutely no pictures.  other days i take hundreds.  today was a day of photos.  i mean it was friday fun day after all.  marley and i got to have some important one on one time during davis nap time.  you would think that would happen every day, but alas it does not.  i had been needing it, and so had marley i think.  she gets plenty of individual attention from everyone around her, but not always from mom.  other than bed time.  so today marley and i did a little bit of everything.  and then we had family fun time at the carousel.  good times.  happy weekending to all.

Friday, July 22, 2011


now that marley is talking i need to start writing down all the funny things she says.  she makes me laugh on a dialy basis.  sometimes an hourly basis.  she is a funny girl.  so here are a couple for you to enjoy.

(while sitting on the potty-we have a lot of conversations while she is sitting on the potty)
m-me no feel good
a- what's wrong honey
m- frustrated. 
my two year old is frustrated. 

this morning marley runs up to me and says momma's the best.

(while sitting on the potty again)
m- me no feel good
a- that's too bad.  we were going to go to the carousel tonight but i guess we can't if you don't feel good.
m- all better!
my two year is a hypocondriac...we will teach her there are better ways to get attention.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of leave the world a better know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

this is one of my favorite quotes.  it's right up there with: "You're not wrong Walter.  You're just an asshole."  from the big lebowski.  so if you ever hear me mutter you're not wrong walter, you know i'm actually calling whoever an asshole.  anyway.  i am declaring yesterday a success.  mom and i took the girls and we went shopping.  i mean this trip was successful even compared to when we just had marley in tow.  we went to a quilt store, lunch, a baby boutique, and sam's.  and not a grumpy baby in sight.  and that same happy luck helped us thru the rest of the day. 
the day before was not so lucky.  at least the night before.  hmm, that would be monday  night.  we got into a royal battle over the dinner table.  marley did not hold back the drama.  she is becoming more difficult to feed, as every child does.  i know i was awful.  it's amazing my mom still loves me after all the crap i put her thru growing up.  but you know, she may be getting her revenge thru my girls.  anyway.  back to the dinner story.  i do not expect marley to clean her plate.  i don't expect her to eat something she doesn't like.  i do expect her to at least try what we are having for dinner.  one bite.  that's it.  well she had a royal hissy fit over it.  it lasted the entire dinner time.  but my will is stronger than hers, at least a little bit.  so i won that battle.  sort of.  she ate one bite and then went on to applesauce...
we're bringing back the old fashioned arts and crafts.

we made granny a pretty picture frame.  marley had a ton of fun.

what happens when you turn your back on a toddler with markers...faster than she can say lipstick

but who could yell at this happy face?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

ahh, the weekend is here.

somehow that doesn't change much around here, but it's still nice.  just a few pictures to share.  i've been messing with my camera and the light in my living room to see if it works as a mini studio for portraits of my girls...i think they turned out ok

davis getting ready for her first swim

marley and her new goggles

marley loves the water...always has

davis loved it too...she was just a cooing away

getting warmed up with gg.