Wednesday, November 30, 2011


davis is six months old today!  time flies.  i thought she would get her sixth tooth for her half birthday, but no such luck.  it's almost here, but not quite.  maybe tomorrow.  both of the girls are over their snots, davis just has a little bit of a lingering cough.  they passed it right on to me.  but aside from the sinus pain, i'm doing alright.  marley woke up in the middle of the night devastated b/c she didn't know where her hot chocolate was.  just sobbing.  it was heartbreaking.  i wonder what kind of dream led to that....but i crawled into bed for a snuggle and she was soon back to sleep.  davis has even started to sleep in past 4am.  thank god.  seriously.  4am is just not right.  so when i went to get davis out of bed the other morning i signed and said it was time to change her pants.  she looked at me and signed milk.  so i took that to mean she wanted to eat first, so we did.  later someone pointed out that she might be confused and think the sign for milk means me, which at this point it basically does, so what's the difference?  she gets excited when i sign milk, so i think she knows what it means.  we have started decking the halls here.  we go all out here.  i love me some christmas.  and christmas decorations.  i have a really awesome new nativity scene that i'm gonna unpack tomorrow.  just need to find a time to go and get our tree.  well, since it was davis half birthday we did a photo shoot.  of course we had a major code brown in her cute onesie (and it actually fit her this month!), so i didn't really get any of that.  i introduced peas the other day and she loved them, but i am blaming them for all the recent code browns.  i mean we changed clothes like it was going out of style today.  like i don't have enough backed up laundry to do.  c'est la vie. 
peanut supervising

this is marley's tree

she decorates and redecorates it all by herself.  except for the lights.  dad does those.

we told marley uncle kirby is coming for her birthday.  now she's ready to skip right to her birthday. 

davis misses you too kirby, she would just rather eat paper.  or chew on anything really.

look ma!  no hands!

six months old!
perfecting the tripod.

some or all of the above may find their way to your mailbox as our christmas card.  now it is time to go slather myself with vicks in hopes that i don't resemble a chainsaw in my sleep.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

snot for sale

we have plenty to spare.  actually i am thinking (and hoping) we are at the tail end of it.  we have a busy bee week ahead, so i hope so!  davis got apple juice yesterday.  she wasn't too sure about it.  and i think tooth number 6 is almost here!  so far i am not having much luck with food with davis, but i'm gonna keep plugging away.  we've started teaching her sign.  yesterday we showed her milk for the first time (the sign) and she repeated it back last night and again (several times) today.  so i am thinking we have another smart cookie on our hands!  that is amazingly quick.  marls and i have been working on our christmas farts and craps.  we have made a nice construction paper garland so far.  plus some goodies for uncle kirby....
how big is baby?  soooo big!

glue glue glue. 

can you say bedazzle?

bedazzle beads

serious glitter application

Friday, November 25, 2011

thanksgiving in photos

we had a great thanksgiving here yesterday.  nice and laid back but with lots of good food and family.  what more could you ask for?  oh yeah, ut beat a&m.  =)
cinderella.  pre thanksgiving clean up

our table top turkey

place setting with our farts and craps.

davis loved ths little hand puppet

resa was in charge of pre dinner entertainment

the ladies of thanksgiving

after turkey dance

letting the dinner work its magic

stealing some sugar

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


tomorrow is thanksgiving.  happy turkey day.  thank you.  my life is full of blessings and i am so thankful  for all of them.  my family is amazing.  i talked to my brother on the phone today for an hour and a half.  and we still had more to say.  i love that.  i hate that we are far apart, but i love that when we talk, it's like we're not.  i went to my mom's house to help make cornbread and was blessed with a nap.  it was just long enough to revive my sagging tookus.  ben is off of work for FOUR days.  in a row!  it's gonna be awesome.  his birthday is friday, thursday is turkey day, and sunday we are going to santa's wonderland.  but i am sure somewhere in there we will find time to just relax and enjoy.  davis tried bananas today and they were a hit.
mmmm nanas
 i am thankful for my girls.  and the opportunity to be their momma.
tired tired angels.
so eat, drink, be merry.  and while this holiday was started by pilgrims infecting natives, remember it was started to be an expression of thanks.  so take a minute and say thank you to the universe.  and those you love.