Monday, May 30, 2016

just a little peek.

This girl.  This girl right here will be FIVE in the morning.  She has a knack for the animals.  Just a girl and her unicorn.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ATX with granny.

We went to dance competition the last weekend in April.  It was a super fun weekend getaway.
 early morning excitement before the show begins
 first up a sister duet

 with their dance teacher
waiting patiently backstage for their group dance

 getting their first place platinum for their sister duet

 all the winners from their dance school
 most of marley's dance class and doodle.
 with their winnings
 zilker park

 riding the zilker zephyr
 doodle the mad bomber

 working hard in the hotel room
 there's a cool park full of peacocks in west austin.

 shaking his booty at us.

odds and ends pre christmas

at their dance performance at one on the local nursing homes.

redecorating the studio christmas tree.

daddy's big helper.  putting our tree up.

norman trying to figure out how to hang the ornaments.

i must have done something weird here.
uncovering all our treasures.
admiring their handy work.

i know i'm awful for this, but it all turned out all right.  this is what happened when we had to cute marls's hair.  it was a great learning lesson, as her biggest concern was being ugly.  we spent a lot of time talking about what beauty really is and how it has nothing to do with our outsides.  this poor kid had a rough fall.  we got it "fixed" the next morning and all way right again.
doodle's christmas program
she's there in the very back row.  middle left.  you can just barely see her head.

with bangs and happy again.

i love this crazy kid so much.