Sunday, September 29, 2013

flower girl dresses!

while marls's fever was on a break today i let the girls try on their dresses.  they have awesome twirling capabilities.  and they are pretty darn cute too.

yeah, i know it's only septemeber.  yes, that's a christmas tree.  i'm starting doing my christmas special for clients this week, so i need a tree.  thank goodness ben grew up in a flower shop and knows how to decorate one in a more traditional manner.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Marls's fever is back. I'm not gonna lie, this momma is worried sick. It just brakes my heart to see her sick, especially bc it happens so often. I wish we could move up her appointment with the specialist.  This not knowing any answers is killing me. Take a minute and say a little prayer for my girl. And I'll just keep holding her and mommying her the best I can. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

dress ups

today we had a dress up day.  how my girls love to perform and put on costumes.  there is always a story to go along with it.  they took turns for awhile today pretending to be snow white, sleeping, and then the other one would come and give them big old kisses and they would wake up.  i think granny is usually sleeping beauty in this game, but they were happy playing it together.

Random cell phone pictures

I asked her to get ready to go and this is what I got. 
It is hard work being doodle. 
Reading Louie a night night story. 
Dancing in the rain. 
How could you
Not smile with this face?
Hello third trimester. How the dog and kids see me these days. 
Gangsta doodle 
All ready for the fair. 
Me and marls all ready and excited for her first school field trip. It tragically got canceled due to the rain, but they had a fun day at
School anyway. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

fair, take one

mom and i took doodle to the fair this morning while marls was at school.  it was fun.  doodle kept calling all the animals louie.  she didn't say much, just soaked it all in.  tomorrow i am going to the fair again, this time as a chaperone for marls's prek class.  wish me luck!

this cow has serious crazy eyes.

so very weird.  look how serious they are.

apparently the crazy animals just love us.

she loved the baby donkey