Monday, August 24, 2015

first day of school!!!!

Just a quickie.  Today was the first day of school!  Marls starts first grade today and Doodle starts pre-k.  First we took Marls to the big kid playground, where she proceeded to burst into tears and throw herself into my arms.  I wasn't expecting that at all, so of course I fell over and almost took out a couple of kids.  She cried for a very short time and then one of her sweet friends came over, took her hand, and led her off to play.  Then, expecting a full on meltdown Doodle style, we headed over to Doodle's playground.  Kid threw her backpack down and was off to play without a look back.  I went and gave her a push on the swings and a kiss and we left, not wanting to tempt fate.  Peeked in on Marls and she was on the big slide laughing and playing.  So, all is good.  I can't wait to here about their first days.  Norman is bored with me already.  We'll settle into a rhythm though.  I took more, but here's a little picture from this morning.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Doodle is 4 (3 months ago that is)

Doodle turned four the end of May.  I am finally getting around to sharing her birthday pictures.  They are a bit scattered on my computer b/c we took pictures on different days.  And of course, my mom really out did herself on the birthday dress.  It is really so cute.

doodle designed this outfit herself.  cape and all.  and she picked her helmet out too.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Just some random summer time fun at granny's park.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

garage sales

This weekend we participated in our first garage sale.  ugh.  The vultures started circling and demanding things at 645AM!  Mind you the sale didn't start until 8.  Apparently that is to be expected.  Anywho.  It is five million degrees in Texas right now.  Overall, I think I might not be a fan of garage sales.
playing with the puddles at resa and steve's house back when it was raining all the time.

dancing with daddy at home sweet farm

norman had a blast with the puddles.