Thursday, May 30, 2013


can you believe doodle bug is going to be two tomorrow?!  i know i can't.  it's funny how different the first child is from the second child.  i wonder what the third will bring?  not just their personalities, but our parenting as well.  with marls we were so excited over every new thing she did and we pushed her to advance and try new things.  not that we weren't excited when doodle did new things, but more aware of how quickly the baby stage ends and encouraged her to take her time.  anywho.  here's my almost two year old!  maybe she'll have hair by the time she's three.  ;)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


alright.  here they are.  the dance photos.  i ordered a video but i haven't gotten it yet.  in other news, we got marley's lab results and all the scary things have been discounted.  still kind of wait and see, but it looks like we just need to get used to her having a high fever every couple of weeks.  in doodle bug news, we are in high potty training mode.  she is doing great!  she loves to wear her big girl panties.  just in case you were wondering, they are all supposed to be doing the same dance.  :)

 doodle starts ballet in a couple of weeks.  she is very excited and practicing often.