Saturday, April 30, 2011

a double post day

marley being daddy's little helper. we went to ikea thursday and bought a new bathroom sink. we had a pedestal sink and i hate those. i mean where are you supposed to store you toilet paper? i think they had put the pedestal in b/c there is limited space in the bathroom, but thankfully ikea has options for those with limited space. so if anyone would like a free sink, it is yours for the taking. nothing wrong with it, just not practical for a family bathroom. starting sunday i am confined to the towns of brenham and college station. the final countdown begins. i wish i could say that labor could begin any day now, but i am taking my cues from history. but at least my c-section with marley means that simba will at least be here by june 7th. anyway, that is what prompted our trip out of town. we also went to the outlet mall and got simba an outfit to wear home from the hospital. i haven't bought any new baby clothes b/c we have so many from marley, but i figured simba deserves at least one new outfit. =)

this happy package arrived in the mail today. six bright and beautiful diapers from fun fun fun! simba is going to have the cutest little tush.

farts and crafts

we did lots of arts and crafts this week. marley LOVED finger painting. thinking it would cut down on the mess, we pianted in just her man pants the second go round. i was wrong. she ended up covered in war paint. but she is washable. thank goodness.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

easter hunt

the easter bunny was very generous this year

he even brought marley's favorite snack, cheetos!

devoring her chocolate bunny

trying on her new hat from gg (it's really a skirt, but she loves to put things on her head)

cheesey grin while trying out her new cool new towel

the hunt begins....

this one had caca on ant.

checking her loot with granny....didn't want to leave any behind.

the beautiful eggs

ms. marls was not ready to be done hunting for eggs.

marls and her da da

testing out gg's newly finished quilt.

the family for easter dinner, which was really delicious.

marley hogging all the cookies she made

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tina Fey’s prayer for little girls

Tina Fey’s prayer for little girls
i don't know anything about the blog i read this on, but i couldn't figure out how to put the passage here. so click on the link if you would like to read this. i liked it.



enjoying her new weee water slide

i love that eyebrow look.

i'm feeling a little wordy today, so beware. firstly, ben and i have been going through some rough transition time in our house. no, i am not talking about the impending baby. ben has quit his job as an executive chef. in fact he has left the restaurant industry all together. about time, you might say, and be right, but it has not been an easy transition. first b/c that is where a majority of his experience is. but the stress was too much for our family and we decided to take quality of life over quantity of money. don't get me wrong, we're not on food stamps, but we're also not about to join the country club. for me, when i was working, being a social worker was who i was. i did other things, had friends, had hobbies, but at the root of it all i was a social worker. which was a real buzz kill at parties. what do you do? oh, i'm a social worker. so what do you do? i deal with rape victims, domestic violence survivors, and child abuse. oh. when i was in philly i was also a photographer, so i usually followed it up with but i shoot weddings on the weekends, so it balances out nicely. i never really needed the balance, i handled the job well, i think. but i could tell that other people needed to hear that i had a balance. does that make sense? social work is an interesting field of work. it is dealing with the unmentionable things in society and trying to fix them. and i love it. and i miss it. achingly so, at times. so when marley came along i lost who i was for awhile. don't get me wrong. i have loved that child since i knew she existed, and even more with every passing day. i wouldn't trade her for anything. but i do miss my social work self. i know that there is a balance somewhere. and that is what ben and i are trying desperately to find. he loved being a chef. working in that fast paced industry. but it was almost impossible for us as a family to exist on that schedule. so ben is giving up his identity as a chef and we're not sure where he'll land. we're trying to redefine ourselves, not by our work, but by our family. our society is so focused on what we do to earn money, that it is hard to turn our back on this way of thinking. the first question people always ask is, so what do you do? as a social worker i was a buzz kill, as a housewife and stay at home mom i am often dismissed. so, say a little prayer that we find our way on this journey. i'm not worried. after all, we have each other and a we have a great family, both immediate and extended.

on a completely different topic, we got fish again today. ben said as we entered the store, it's a good thing we don't need a license to get fish. this is our third attempt. we have good water, a ph tester, and a schedule to clean the water. so, hopefully we have not brought more fish home to die, or go night night as we tell marley. in fact i think she was a little confused, b/c she kept saying night night to the fish. no honey, we don't want these fish to go night night.

marley is napping right now and when she wakes up we are going to have some serious farts and crafts. we have macaroni, glue, glitter, and finger paint. if we don't manage to make fantastic art, we will at least manage to make a fantastic mess. i've been feeling a bit guilty about my mothering capabilities lately. i have no stamina or energy. i mean i am due in six short weeks. plus, since the baby has dropped, i have had almost constant braxton hicks contractions. but i have a very active two year old. and i don't want to fail her just b/c i'm tired. so, bring on the mess. me and my monkey are going to have a great time this afternoon.

Friday, April 22, 2011

easter prep with granny

sweet marley kisses

making cookies with granny

rolling the dough into snakes

enjoying the finished project, with not one but two hands.

baking can be a messy thing, but it sure is fun!

drawing on her egg

dyeing her egg

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


are you ready for some baseball

today is lou lou's birthday...we think he's five.

ahhh, such sweet service.

on granny's actual birthday.

lori got nominated for potty duty during the party. marley loves to read on the potty and she loves her aunt lori

eating corn on the cob for the first time. it was a hit, but she doesn't like corn. i think she liked the challenge.

pre party prep

marls and lou lou were big helpers.

the birthday cake

surprising granny

mom and phyllis, one of her oldest friends.

lori and donna

granny and marls

mom and her sister erin

mom and her quilt shop buddies, with marley photo bombing.

blair leading the way thru the food line

quilt show friends

everybody eating

getting food

who wouldn't want that sweet strawberry kiss?

playing pee pie with the tree

loving on her new wa wa

do i have spinach in my teeth?

helping dane with his tee pee

smelling the flowers

being sung happy birthday to

marley wants her cake!



marls and her uncle eric

how do you cut this cake?

trying not to destroy the cake...rather unsuccessfully...but everybody got to eat some.

marley sneaking icing

ben and gg

sharon and louis

helping granny open presents.

rick and rolland


ralph, phyllis, and mom...long time friends.

the theatre crowd

church friends

part of the bell choir my mom has played in for, i think, 18 years.

quilt market buddies


and again

brother, sisters, and mom

four generations of lovely ladies

monkey wrestling

this makes me laugh.

marley cuddling with her gg

mark being a good sport and wearing the crown.

wa wa buckled in and going for a weeeeee