Friday, June 26, 2009


two videos, one with marley and my mom, my mom making her laugh. the other is of her in her jumperoo, which she loves. sorry they're sideways, that would be a user error

photos, photos, photos

here we have the four generations, erin and marley and marley's new boo, first swim, her fun knickers, her first does of food, and in her new high chair

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


marley's asleep for the night, as i will soon be, but i wanted to take the opportunity to post some photos and share a few updates. the number of teeth marley has is now 2! it broke thru the gums the day erin and my grandma got here. she rolls over like you wouldn't believe, and has started to do so in her sleep. sometimes she makes it all the way over, and others she just stays in the fetal position. it's very cute. as is most everything about marley. she went to the doctor on monday and got her four month shots. those were a lot harder to get thru. i think she is more aware, and therefore is more grumpy afterwards. she is just today (wednesday) getting back to her old cheery self. she now weighs 16 pounds and is 24.5 inches long. both measurements above average. maybe she got some of the jones height. we shall see. she had her first taste of cereal yesterday. she seemed to really like it. ok, not really like it, but she was open to the idea. we also went for our first swim yesterday. kind of the same reaction. didn't hate it, but isn't so sure either. i have pictures of these, but they aren't on the computer yet. so, until then, here are some more photos of erin and my grandma's visit, which was really really wonderful. my grandma brought a new wardrobe for marley, which included the cutes pair of polka dot knickers ever. i am sure she will wear those a lot. erin made a new boo for marley, and she already loves it. i promise more pictures to come, including one of the four generations. off to bed in a nice air conditioned room....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

today is ben's first official father's day and he is at work. =( but we celebrated a little early. marley got her daddy a brand new gas grill. as you can see he is a very happy daddy. please don't notice all the extra stuff on the back porch. it was rug airing out day. my gradma and aunt erin are in town. they had a good drive up and have been here for a couple of days. marley is very smitten with them both and i am pretty sure the feeling is mutual. we went to a quilt show yesterday and ended up in the midst of a gay pride parade. it was a fun day. marley loved looking at all the bright colours. got told to cover myself while breastfeeding marley in an out of the way corner and wanted to snap at the woman, but i bit my tongue. i am feeding my child, shut up and don't look if you have a problem with it. anyways. we are all having a very nice visit. marley goes in tomorrow morning for her next round of shots. we'll get to see how much she's grown since last time, which i guarantee is a lot. i have lots of pictures to share, and will do it gradually this week.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

monkey toes

marley knits with her toes now...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

another big milestone

marley rolled from her back to her tummy today! so she can now roll both ways. she likes to lay on her tummy and crane her neck backwards to watch her mobile now. it's very cute. her second tooth is just under the skin. should have another tooth by the time great grandma and great aunt erin get here on thursday. last night ben and i had out first date night. we left marley (the first time she has left me ever) with my mom and went and had a quick drink at a local restauraunt. i was in tears the whole time and we were only gone about an hour and a half. baby steps. it was nice to spend some time with ben, as a couple, not as parents. i might think about doing it again sometime. =) tonight is bridge night, so should be fun. as soon as i can get marley to open wide, i will post a picture of her tooth (or teeth, as the case may be)

Friday, June 12, 2009

lori and eric's visit pics

here are some pictures from lori and eric's visit. marley was so taken with eric. she laughed and grinned every time he looked at her. lori is holding marley on the quilt she made for her. i'll try to get some good detail photos, it really is beautiful.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a short note

it has been 19 years (19!) today since my dad passed away. it seems like yesterday and a lifetime all at once. i know that ben has felt this as well, it breaks my heart that marley is growing up without any grandpas (although there is great grandpa elmer, who is pretty wonderful), especially when she should have had two wonderful doting grandpas to wrap around her little i am feeling a little heart sick today, but console myself with the knowledge that marley will never want for love in her life. big hugs

Monday, June 8, 2009

another milestone....

well, yesterday my mom was helping change the sheets on the bed, marley was in her crib on her belly. when we finished we looked over and she was on her back! marley has successfully rolled over and no one saw it. she looked very proud of herself. so we, of course, flipped her over and waited for her to do it again. she's done it a couple of times now and each time she looks very surprised and proud. lori (my aunt, not ben's) and eric (my uncle) got here yesterday. she has been a laughing grinning baby since then. she just loves eric. lori made marley an absolutley beautiful baby quilt. i'll make sure to publish pictures when i get a chance. she also brought up a quilt of mine from the quilters. it's the one i finished the day i went into labor with marley. the machine quilting is great. well, we are off to play now. more pictures from lori and eric's visit, plus the quilts to come. oh, and on an exciting note, i just found out that my aunt erin and my grandma will be driving up in a week or two. so marley will finally get to meet her other great grandma.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

you got to know when to hold 'em....

so we are raising a gambler, she took to bridge last night really grandma barb, my mom, ben and i have started having weekly bridge sessions. ben and i are still learning the myriad of rules associated with bridge. she got a new bonnet this week, actually two courtesy of grandma gretchen. she also got a jumperoo, which she is starting to like. she hates the feel of carpet on her toes, that is for sure. she's been teething like crazy, so it's been grumpy baby week. she already has one in and hopefully the other bottom tooth will pop thru very quickly...on a wonderful and positive note: ben got promoted!!! he starts his new position in marion tommorrow. we also have cousin joe's graduation party tommorrow, it's going to be a busy day...