Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Marls, Marls, Marls

So my girly girl loves the fairy tales.  Nothing wrong with that, I do too.  I just don't want her waiting around to be rescues.  With that in mind, we've been trying to reinforce her rescuing herself or others when we play pretend.  Her favorite thing to say as she's walking around the house is:  Strong woman!  Strong woman coming through!  I hope she never loses that.  With that in mind, here is a peak at the portraits we did for Ms Marls today.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

costumes and messes

marley got her dance recital costume today.  we tried it on during dance and she looks like a real toe shoer.  a adorable, of course.  but since i'm not even allowed to see the dance until the recital  i think i won't show all of her costume yet either.  it's on may 18th for all who want to come.

 marls took a nap today.  she never does this.  she was just all tuckered out. so sweet.
 whereas d likes to illustrate why we should not give her certain things.  like pens.  or stamps.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

garden time

so about this time two years ago ben and i got really determined and turned part of our way back yard into a garden.  it didn't work out to well.  maybe it would have if it hadn't been such a hassle to water and if we didn't have a baby that summer.  so this year we are making a much smaller garden much closer to the house.  the hose will reach this one.  we got our start today and both of the girls were super excited.  and marley made a new friend.  she named him purple.  =)  why not?

watch out louie!!

this is her strong woman face.

marley's new friend purple

this will hopefully become zuccini

louie was concerned.

marley thought purple was awesome.  she didn't want to put him down.  she did.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Tease

so i can't keep secrets to save my life.  especially not when i'm really excited about something.  and i am really excited about a project i am working on for a dear sweet girl.  and it is turning out PERFECTLY!!!! so i am going to share a taste.  but just a taste.  the rest will come later.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

weekend fun

we did a bit of this and that this weekend.  we spent all day outside today.  it was wonderful.  the girls loved it.  might do that again tomorrow.  we have a lot on our plate this week, so stay tuned.  someone i know will be FOUR years old!  crazy.  magical.  wonderful.

we went mudding in our backyard today.  just add water.

my ferocious lions

now that d knows how to take off her clothes, this is not an uncommon sight at our house.

sleeping with her new lovey from aunt resa.  she loves it.

odds and ends

well, my computers are back and running.  yay!  now i just need to update the blog.  so here are some odds and ends.  we went to the sherwood forest faire last weekend.  the girls loved it!

fairy tea party

fairy tea party

we sat with the fox fairy during the tea party