Tuesday, August 18, 2009

marley likes to sing in the car just like her momma

Monday, August 17, 2009

great grandma to visit

marley great grandma came to visit, her great grandpa too but he wouldn't pose for any pictures. marley loved her! she just started grinning and laughing. it was very cute. gg made marley some adorable dresses out of my favorite designer's fabric. they were perfectly made of course, down to every tiny detail. perfect and beautiful and too small. one we managed to squeeze her into, the other not so much. oh well, next baby i guess. and no we're not planning one any time soon. marley will be six months old this week. i cant' hardly believe how fast time is flying by. it seems like yesterday and yet i can't imagine my life without her. she is learning so much. she is entering into a mimickry stage. she learned how to blow kisses week. it's very very cute. it's like she forgets how every day. you can see her concetrating and trying to make her lips move, and then bang! she gets it. so we are going to try to step up the sign language, i think she will start to catch on pretty quickly. she is also dangerously close to crawling. any day now it seems. she can get on to all fours, but isn't sure what to do from there. we sign our new lease today and the moving marathon begins. i'm tired just thinking about it. wish us luck

Monday, August 10, 2009

A big announcement

ben recently got transferred and promoted and because of this we are moving...to tahiti. no, not really. to marion, ohio. oh joy. another f*cking winter. we found a nice place that will take in our entire zoo. it's a condo, but i think it's just a small house. not really sure what makes the distinction. as of september first, the farm will no longer be our address. it will always be our first home. we are both sad to leave, though it was inevitable, as we are already getting a little too big for the apartment. luckily kirby and i will inherit half of the farm some day, and we don't have to worry about leaving forever. it's important to me (and ben) that we pass on the jones legacy to marley, as i am sure grandpa and my dad would have wanted. she will grow up cherishing the farm as kirby and i did. it was a hard decision and not one we made lightly, but ultimately the drive was too much and too far for our family. here is a photo of the front of our new place. i will try to keep everone updated with our new contact info.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

technology goof

so, the pictures are mysteriously back on my camera. i don't get it. but the ones i have taken since the reunion are gone again. don't worry, everything has been saved to the computer. since the last post, cousin pat has come to visit. i'm pretty sure he had a good time. very relaxing. and he seemed enamored of marley. here's some pictures:

Monday, August 3, 2009

the jones family reunion

yesterday was the jones family reunion, and after three summers living on the farm, i have finally made it to one. it was really nice and fun. mom and marley and i went. unfortunately all the pics i took, except for two, got erased somehow. damn technology. i had all the older ones saved on the computer already, so no big deal. just no photos of marley and all her extended jones family. speaking of marley, she eats her toes now. loves them. doesn't matter what foot they are on, as long as she can get them to her mouth. i'll try to get a picture of it. it's adorable. we dipped her feet into lake erie. at first she was ok, but then a wave came and she was not cool with it anymore. she has reached the age where she is deciding if she likes people or not, becoming more discerning i guess. so i was a little worried carrying her into the reunion, but she was a total ham. she gets that from her daddy. here is one photo of her in lake erie. i promise that's her under her sun hat. she has my skin, so it can't see sunlight. ever.