Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I have been super blessed with a very busy fall season, business wise.  Actually life wise.  Just ask my mom, she's been babysitting almost every day it seems.  I miss my babies.  We had an awesome Halloween.  And Doodle had an awesome Noah's Ark day at school.

seriously i love this photo.  

the old man loves to be in the middle of everything.  preferably in my lap.

we painted pumpkins this year.  we were somewhat worried about what the man child's reaction to pumpkin guts would be.  his skin is so sensitive.

louie helping

noah's ark day at doodle's school.  she wanted to be a rainbow.  thankfully we already had that costume.




norman was not sure about this at first.  he got the hang of it quickly.

trick or treating with gg

inspecting our haul

the great pumpkin delivered.

another tooth gone!  She's lost one more since this picture was taken.  Toothless.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

one more

I am on a roll today.

 Halloween Triumphant.

dance recital

Ha!  I am ridiculous with this.  Sorry.  So here are the pictures from their dance recital in June.  It's only November, so....
showing off their pretty makeup.

my beautiful ballerina

stop!  in the name of love.  

watching the big girls dance.

marls and ja'lea started off their super cute tap number.  i think this was my favorite.

it was just the two of them up there for a bit.  they handled it like the pros they are.

a ball of floof doing her ballet.