Wednesday, June 29, 2011

little girls

my little girls are cute, but i'd rather they know how smart they are.  good article above.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

four weeks old!

can you believe it's been four weeks already?!

"seriously mom, it's over 100 degrees out here"

my lovely ladies

exploring lake summerville

finding shells

brave girl.  as long as daddy's there

Friday, June 24, 2011

what is normal?

it's crazy how quickly your definition of normal can change.  yesterday i caught myself saying how nice and cool it felt outside.  it was 94 degrees.  and it did feel nice and cool, in comparison to the norm of  late of 100 plus degrees.  i never thought i would think that 94 is nice.  we are settling in to our new normal here quite nicely. 
nursing her baby
 so i have weird feelings about marley nursing her babies.  we gave marley a baby to teach her and help her learn how to care for the new baby that was about to join us.  so, in that sense, she has caught on gang busters.  it just seems like such an adult thing to do.  but so is changing diapers and caring for babies.  in my experience we have a weird dynamic in our society.  we acknowledge that breast milk is best for babies.  if you can, you should breast feed.  but at the same time, we don't actually want people to breast feed their babies.  it's fine if you go into the bathroom, or another room, but never in public.  we treat nursing like it's a shameful activity, something dirty to be hidden from view.  i don't agree with that and i don't practice that.  so i should encourage marley to nurse as much as i encourage her to take care of her babies in other ways. 

davis with sophie at the pool

granny and marley at the bluebell pool

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


davis's baptism will be on july 31st at 930am at christ lutheran church.  any and all who would like to join us in this celebration are welcome.  please just drop me a line so we can have enough food/snacks for afterwards, as we will be gathering at my mom's house.

me and my girls during quiet time

marley threw a tea party today

she served hot coffee (water), cake, berries, and bread.  it was great fun.

after tea she read stories to her guests

davis was the life of the party.  well, she at least stayed awake during it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

family time

we had a nice gathering of family yesterday.  davis got to meet her uncle eric and aunt lori.  marley loves eric.  she's been asking for him ever since they left.  tomorrow little davis will be three weeks old.  time sure does fly.  i guess it helps that we are sleep deprived.  you know, if our brains worked accurately and remembered the pain of childbirth, the long recovery, and the sleep deprivation we would only ever have one child.  luckily my brain is faulty and all i remember is the joy. 
girlfriend has no fear.  she'll climb anything.

she did this herself.  she's ready  to roll.

first ice cream cone

she liked it, don't ya think?

it's too bad davis can't relax a little bit.

my mom originally made this dress for marley, but she was too much of a butterball to ever fit into it.  davis fits just fine.

the girls with eric and lori

davis and aunt lori having cuddle time

eric getting to know davis.   it's hard work being a baby.

family time

marley "sharing" resa's ice cream cone.  more like stealing it.

playing daddy's newly finished guitar.  she loves it.

ms marls and i have matching diaper bags thanks to lori!  we both love them!

i recently got photos from eric and lori, so i'll be sharing them soon.  they range from over the past two years.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

a side by side

ms marls at a little over one month old

ms davis at two weeks old.

being a roly poly baby

beating the heat

my little bathing beauty
today we go napless.  on purpose. feels reckless but i am tired of the sleep battle.  so we are going wear marley's butt out today and hope she doesn't fight sleeping tonight.  we're going to have quiet time built in, no worries.  the heat is awful here.  our yard is crispy.  loulou is not a happy camper either.  good thing he gets his frozen hot dog water pretty regularly.  luckily we are having a cold front come in this weekend.  the high should only be 99.  argh.  i forsee a lot of pool time in our summer future.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

two weeks!

bath time baby...she has since lost her belly button boo boo.

very concerned big sister helping with bath time

wearing her baby just like momma wears davis

my little desperate housewife.  she was smiling and laughing until i pulled out the camera...drama queen

big girl headed to the library

enjoying her moby wrap.  she gets snuggles and i have arms. win win.

brenham has a cool old restored carousel.  me and my girls enjoying the ride.

big kid, big kid slide
davis is two weeks old!  life is good.  not sure how i could be so wrong as to think one kid was hard, but it takes a village and we have a pretty darn awesome village.  tonight we are off to gg's for an evening of swimming and lady time.