Tuesday, October 28, 2014


i love halloween.  it might be my favorite.

 charlie brown LOVES snoopy.


Ack, it's been way too long.  Life is crazy, about to get crazier.  I think, fingers crossed, we have sold our house!  We are under contract, but nothing is certain until papers are signed and money is exchanged.  anywho.  here are some long await film pictures to share.  these are just what occupy our every day lives.
 make up!  the girls, especially marls, LOVE to play with make up!
 so many books....how does one choose?
 building massive forts

 swimming at granny's....or making an escape at granny's.
 marls and her new friend baby wynn.

 learning to ride bikes is serious business.

 look at those thighs.

 pretty sure i have a picture of marls that is very similar to this,

Monday, October 13, 2014

San Antonio

Here are the couple of cell phone shots I got on our little getaway. 
Ten months old and driving. 

Jumping on the hotel bed. 
Waiting for the river taxi. 
Riding the river taxi home.  
Vacation is hard work. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

so i took norman's ten month pics with film, so that might take awhile.  we ran away to san antonio for a quick overnight vacation last monday.  ben is about to be on massive overtime, so we're taking the time to have a little fun before we don't have the time.  but, that's all film stuff except for my cell phone pics.  i'll share those later.  tonight, just a quick share from this evening.  every year with the photo business i do a christmas special and i usually have a family model for the test shots so i can advertise.  well this year my model family has been sick and sicker, so i finally decided to use the family i have.  it was madness.  remind me to drink before i try to photograph my own family again.  but i'm happy with it.  there is not one picture where we are all looking at the camera, but oh well.  that's life.  short of an act of god, my three never focus on the same thing.  anywho, here we are in all our beautiful glory.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

norman at nine months

well, since norman turns ten months old tomorrow, i figured i should share his nine month pictures.  bad momma.  here's what norman was up to when he turned nine months old:
~standing holding on to things
~talking up a storm
~no new teeth
~no more baby food.  he wants what we're eating or nothing.
~super speedy crawling.  if he wants to get somewhere he is there.  quickly.
sooooo, i'll do better this month.  maybe even tomorrow.  but don't hold your breath.
that smirk.  ack.  i could just eat him up.

and those pouty lips.