Saturday, January 30, 2010

a very brief update

ack, it's been forever since i've written anything. we've been very busy. ben and i have a date tonight; a special show at the theatre. marley is busy busy busy. we found a place to live and are in the process of setting up shop. ben started his new job this past week and likes it a lot. as soon as we have our home computer station set up i will post more, but now i need to find something to wear tonight. =)

Monday, January 4, 2010

a new year

well, we had a very exciting new year's eve. i think we all managed to stay up until about 830pm. ben and i have become such party animals. marley has doubled her teeth since we have moved to texas. she had six when we got here, she now has twelve. they just keep popping out. the sunday after christmas we loaded up the car and headed to enchanted rock. louie appears to have a fear of heights, though he braved it rather than be left in the car. marley loves to go hiking. did not want dad to stop. thank goodness ben is strong enough to hike wearing her. i tried, but we didn't make it far. the weather has been gorgeous, though we are about to get a cold snap. marley had gone thru a serious growth spurt since moving here. and her hair is much fuller. i can't believe she's almost a year old. just blows my mind. she has also learned how to dance. she will dance to any music she hears. i've been playing one of my favorite movies, white christmas, for her. it has lots of singing and dancing, which she likes to join in on. it's really too cute. here are some pics from enchanted rock