Monday, May 30, 2011

photo contest

so i entered a photo contest and the voting was kind of hinky.  i didn't really get it.  but apparently i am one of the top ten favorites from this week.  this is the link they emailed me to tell me, so you should be able to vote if you click on the link.  pretty cool, huh?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

garden and craft

us girls working on crafting projects together, just like when we were waiting for marley to be born.  well, almost just like it...

marley tries a pickle for the first time and isn't totally against the idea.  she loves tart.

strawberries in our garden!

lots of tomatoes too!

there is nothing quite like a garden fresh tomato.  soooo yummy.  we are about to have tons.

a onesie i decorated for simba

Thursday, May 26, 2011

4 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 more days until simba gets here!!!  marley is very excited and couldn't stop giving simba squeezes here.

and of course she needed to give herself squeezes.  she is going to be a big sister.  we've been reading her big sister book. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

good news

my blood pressure is down!  woo hoo!  i guess i really did need to start taking it easy.  ben will be impossible to live with, now that he was right.  =)  so simba's official birthday will be may 31st 2011.  that would be next tuesday.  we will go in bright and early for a planned c-section and should be out of recovery and into our room by 930 or 10am that morning.  so mark the calendar.  send us you good luck vibes early early early.  i have gotten over most of my anxiety and now just can't wait to meet this little bundle.  so very excited.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


marley playing the electric guitar ben is building.

she loves tars, as she calls them

it is still pretty rough, but it's got the basic shape.  it is made out of birds eye maple and mahogany

ms marley mae helping me enjoy my rest.  38 weeks pregnant!  no longer concerned about wearing real clothes.  it's all pajamas, all the time.  fashion police come and get me.

this is a onesie i decorated for simba.  i've gotta do something with all this down time. 

yes, this is a clue to simba's name, but don't bother asking.  this is all you're gonna get until simba makes an appearance.

one of my friends on facebook posted this.  if you've seen the movie up, then this should make you smile.  not sure how real it/they are, but one can hope.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


i did something and now my blog is slightly out of order.  the rain post is from three or four posts ago.  just skip it to get to the latest post.  i think.  i have no idea how i managed that.  but i did change the layout a bit, so i could have hit a button or something.  sorry.


finally rain! such a wonderful rainy day we are having. marley and i went out after nap time and did our rain dance.

just waiting

she dressed herself. i love it when she dresses herself. it's always awesome.

rapture anyone?

so my mom, aunt, and grandma threw ben, marley, and i a mini baby shower for simba. we got lots of great things, including almost all of our wish list. i felt very loved. this is marley feeding her new baby that granny not only got her, but made her clothes for. they even match some of marley's clothes that granny has made. it's great. she loves her new baby.

putting her baby to bed.

trying out the bows.

and waiting and waiting. i'm not even to my due date yet and am slowly going out of my head. it is much harder being pregnant with a toddler than it is being pregnant. i should have been born catholic with all the guilt i feel for taking it easy. thank you to everyone for the outpouring of love from my last post. i needed a hug and i got lots of them. thank you for reminding me how loved i am and how very many people are in my corner.

not such a great video of marley and her new baby. my mom probably got a better one, but it's still cute.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the big baby report

so my thoughts are all higgeldy piggeldy right now, but i will try to put them in some sort of order.
monday we went to get the ultrasound of simba to see how big s/he is. turns out simba's waist measures 34.6 centimeters. i don't really have a clue how big that is. we were kind of worried we might find out the sex of the baby, but there is so much baby and so little room, i couldn't tell what we were looking at. one thing we did learn is that simba has a lot of hair on his/her head. which is interesting, considering marley was a bald baby. so i think, and i have no logical basis for this, that simba is going to have dark hair like ben's.
tuesday we went to the doctor to get the results from the ultrasound and talk about birthing options. turns out simba really is a big baby. s/he's measuring in at 7.4 pounds, which is between the 75th and 90th percentile. yep. it's a big one this time. i also got checked to see if my body has made any progress at all towards labor. nope. none. and we talked abut my feet swelling. it turns out i have developed gestational hypertension. my blood preasure has been slowly going up, but if it gets any higher this baby needs to come out stat. right now i am ok, but according to the doctor, and i'm just summerizing here, i need to sit the f*ck down and relax. if my blood preasure goes up, it will be an immediate c-section, no questions asked. apparently high blood preasure ages the placenta. if it gets overly aged, simba can no longer get the nutrition s/he needs. so, while i have difficulty just sitting around, i am a terrible patient (just ask ben), i will be doing that very thing. because however simba is born we do not want it to be an emergency situation.
so that brings me to the conclusion that all signs point to a c-section this time around. this is hard for me to admit b/c i so badly wanted a vbac. a lot of my friends are into the all natural birth plan thing, so much so that i believe they would judge me for having a c-section. i've never really been that worried about whether or not my labor was all natural. to me what matters most is that the baby is born and safe and healthy. but i would be lieing if i said i wasn't scared. i mean i don' t even like to take tylenol when i have a headache. and here i am opting for surgery. i never really talked much about marley's birth b/c to me the important thing about marley's birth was marley. but it was scary. i had medicine go wrong. i was in labor for a very long time and my body never progressed. and then at 3am i was wisked into the surgical room and marley was taken out as fast as possible. during the surgery i couldn't really breathe, the anestheologist was waiting to put me under should anything go wrong, and i was strapped down to the table. all o f which made it kind of scary. and was promptly forgotten as soon as i held marley in my arms.
i know logically this c-section will be comepletely different. i won't have been in labor, i won't be exhausted, and i won't be as stressed out and scared, hopefully. but it is still a major surgery. for a minute, think about all the ways you use your stomache muscles. try to stand. try to sit. hell, try to do just about anything. but even knowing that, i think it is the best option right now. even if i were to go into labor naturaly, who is to say that i wouldn't stall out just like last time? i think labor AND srugery is the worst possible choice.
my doctor is amazing and i have total faith in her abilities and her judgement. she is a no nonsense type of lady, but at the same time very comforting. when she told us yesterday that a vbac wasn't looking good and i started to cry, she was quick to say that there was no need to make a decision yet. we can keep waiting to see what happens. but i don't see the point in delaying. simba will most likely be born the last week of may, beginning of june. and i am scared. irrationally and illogically so. but i am. so, you know, say a prayer, do a rain dance, whatever your religious persuasion leads you to, for us. we would appreciate it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

cinco de mayo. i think.

working at the car wash

she LOVES to clean. anything.

coming after me with the bubbles.

cleaning dad.

and cleaning herself. (it's just dish soap)

emptying all the water out of her boots.

this was just two or three days ago. our car was by far the dirtiest in the church parking lot, so we gave it a bath.

learning to fly kites on cinco de mayo

i think she liked the streamers best.

"helping" dad untangle the kite.


monkey on the monkey bars

Saturday, May 14, 2011

momma time

very serious about her chalk art. i think she is drawing a picture of loulou here.

giving herself a beard.

ben's idea to help give me some mommy time. marley loved it! she always wants to help with everything. i was moving a little slow this morning, so ben gave me all the time i needed. my mom has started the countdown. looks like we have about two and a half weeks until simba arrives. three at most. so, when i look at it like that, it's ok for me to be a little slow these days.