Thursday, December 26, 2013

a taste of christmas

here are a couple from christmas eve right before church.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

More cell phone pictures

A little pre preschool snuggles. 
Norm's almost bigger than doodle. Baby brother love. 
My little mother hen. 
Sucking his thumb. 
My happy little two week old. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

noah's ark day

instead of celebrating halloween at marley's school they do noah's ark day, where the kids come dressed up as a part of the story of noah's ark.  marls chose to be a rainbow.

 they went from class to class doing different crafts and getting candy

 doodle thought she was the bees knees b/c she got to join in for snack time with all the big kids.

oh christmas tree

we went and cut ours down yesterday.  it's a shortie for ben and i, who tend to over estimate the height of our ceilings, but much bigger than the three footer marls was pulling for.  norman had his two week check up today,  everything looks great, though he is still not up to his birth weight again.  closer.  and i think we over came a big nursing hurdle, so it shouldn't take long for him to catch up.  last week my emotions were everywhere, going from crying to panic and back again.  this week has been much better.  happy.  i remember after davis was born, ben had to go to work and my mom wasn't due over for an hour or so.  well, i had a total melt down b/c i couldn't handle two kids at once.  this time around seems to be going much smoother so far.  i always heard that the transition from one to two kids is the hardest, maybe there's some truth to that.  or maybe i'm just more confident and comfortable in my mothering capabilities.  either way, things are good.  better than good.  the doctor had this to say to us today:  now that you have three kids, i recommend heavy drinking.  :)

 girl means business with a bat.
 trouble.  shenanigans. sisters.
 no matter what i do, doodle's hair does this by abt mid day

 i think she might be channeling einstein.
 driving her boat to canada.  that was the game yesterday.

 family of five.  consider this your virtual christmas card.

 seriously, how stinkin cute is she?!

the gave them candy canes.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


i'm trying to figure out the birth announcement, but until then check out these muscles.
ben and i do make some plump babies.

a dog's view of a wedding.

back log

i have a back log of photos to share.  this fall has been nuts.  between pregnancy and a booming business and kiddo activities it has just been crazy.  i guess i should get used to it.  gonna have to figure out this whole time management thing.  not that i'm complaining.  at all.  we are very blessed.  anywho.  some photos.

ok this last one is my favorite.  my mom made their amazing costumes and they absolutely loved them.  doodle wants to wear her blue dress every day.  but sometimes trying to get pictures of kids in clothes is very difficult.