Friday, April 27, 2012

losing my mind

i think that's what is happening.  we've passed a bug around and everybody is over it but ben.  and he's mostly over it.  and we are headed to atx for the weekend for the big dance performance!  so i am trying to run around and get everything ready.  and marley is so excited she can't contain herself.  and davis is scooting around putting everything in her mouth.  so it is insanity.  but as long as we have the dance costume, shoes, and tights, we are good.  we tried out our glitter makeup yesterday.  i only previously thought i knew what a lot of glitter was.  all new levels have been reached.  it's pretty hard to capture glitter with a camera, so for every sparkle you see there are 100 more you don't see.  on her, on me, on davis, on ben, even on louie!
watch out dance world, here we come!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

i live in crazy town.  sorry it's been so long for me to get back to posting about a weekend that was two weeks ago.  geez.  lame.  anyway, without further ado here are some more pics.
modeling our new matching hats from the bluebonnet festival

yes, that is how she wanted to wear it.

getting a pretty sparkly purple butterfly painted on.  i promise we weren't torturing her or forcing her to do this.

purple sparkles

clapping away.  she loves the wagon.

first sip out of a straw.  she loved it.  it's just lemonade

sliding with my big girl

d chilling while granny practices her dismount with marls

monkey time with dad

this handsome fella turned seven last weekend.

pea pie!  (aka peek a boo for those that don't know)

the dance crew in their ballet outfits.  the photogs flash did something weird to my photos.  over exposed and very bright. 

and the breakdowns began to happen.  in their tap gear.

we go to competition this weekend!  marley performs at 7am.  no i am not joking.  but she's not first to perform that morning either.  madness.  i'm sure i will have funny stories of crazed dance moms after this weekend.  don't worry i won't be one of the crazies.  at least not that kind of crazy.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

what a couple of days

so friday all last week my stomach was a mess.  i think i gave myself food poisoning.  and then on friday i started to feel really bad.  mastitis and my back.  saturday morning i could hardly move my back hurt so bad but the mastitis seemed better.  so i went to the doc and they gave me some steriods for my back but by saturday night my fever was 102 b/c of the mastitis and of course there is not a pharmacy open after 7pm in brenham.  so we got the fever under control last night, finally, and now i am just waiting for the pharmacy to open so i can start my antibiotics.  the steroids have totally helped my back though.  does this mean i'm old?  mom's birthday party from last weekend:
fried green tomatoes!

resa surprised mom with a visit and a beautiful new dress!

i don't know what's going on here, but it's kinda funny.
davis loves resa

the ladies


the rest of last weekend:
i'm ready for dance class mom

loving her new bike and gear
well, davis is ready for her nap, so maybe the rest of the weekend later....

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


marley got a bike this saturday!  we are still learning how to ride it, but she loves it.  especially all of her safety gear. 

and davis has developed her own mode of transportation.  we call it the butt scootin boogie.  or i do.  it's pretty darn cute and very effective.  she's pretty quick when she's motivated.  so life is a little more interesting around here.  click on the link to watch a video of her.  i take good photos, but bad videos.  sorry.
i have lots more pics from this weekend, but marley wants to watch seasame street and for some reason our internets can not handle uploading photos and seasame street at the same time.

Friday, April 13, 2012

woo hoo it's friday!

the 13th at that.  we had a fun filled day.  but i have to say i want to know when people will grow the f up.  there are people my age running around brenham acting like they are still in high school.  i was over that 15 years ago and i still am.  so they can just move right on along.  sadly i think our society encourages this immaturity with the awesome "reality" based programming that has somehow infiltrated life outside the tv.  i digress.
we got marley's dance costume last night.  it is super cute.  see for yourself:

the parade of cuteness begins

we also had a fun ice cream and playground playdate with old friends today that was super fun.  these kiddos have been playing together since just over a year of age. 

so it's the weekend and i am sure we are going to cram it full with every thing we possibly can.  b/c that's how we roll. 
“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
~ Howard Thurman

Thursday, April 12, 2012

easter day

a day late, a dollar short.  sorry.  here are the pics i was gonna post yesterday.  i had a photo shoot in the evening and then it was a mad dash to get the girls to bed.  which included me taking a brief nap as i put marley to bed.  oops.

granny and her girls

marley always makes monkey faces now....this is the best one.

when babies attack

the easter bunny brought books.  yay!

last year without competition

saying her favorite word:  actually...

i am coming for you


four generations
so for the photography business updates:
i am running a special from now until mother's day (may 13th) for a family session and a digital copy of ten of the best photos for $75, that is an over 50% discount.  the gift certificates are valid for six months from the date of purchase.  so if you know someone who would love to surprise the special woman in their life by capturing a moment of time in photographs, let me know!
if you would like to see the photos from last night's session go to :  and then click on the silas @ 3 album.  i tried to post the link but it didn't work.