Wednesday, September 30, 2009


i believe we have tooth number five and soon to be number six!

Monday, September 28, 2009

philaqueeonos~ the trip east

the question is not where did we go, but where didn't we go? it was awesome. marley is a world traveler and a city girl deep down...we started in philadelphia, which was a bitter sweet visit. we got to see erin and dane and their little girl mari, who marley loved. but we also happened to be there in time for a memorial service for one of my clients who passed away the day before we got there. it was very sad, but i felt lucky to be apart of those remembering her life. she struggled so hard and hopefully she is now at peace...ben loved philly, he ate his weight in meat, as the pictures show. he is as happy as a weird kid in a meat shop. =) mari and marley (yes that did get confusing) loved each other. mari is 16 months now, so old enough to walk and talk and give marley hugs and kisses. marley just wanted to grab hold. after two nights there we ventured on to queens and tim's house. it was great as well. marley was tim's first experience with babies...i think they really liked each other. we went to the met and did drive by art. actually we were looking for a new photography exhibit, but got lost and managed to speed by some great art. we found the photog exhibit, which was amazing and had a bit of time left over for the modern art, which had a bonus exhibit on the roof, hence the awesome skyline pictures. the roof of the met, i highly recommend it. after that some grey's papaya dogs for ben and tim and pizza for me and off to central park to ride the carousel. marley really loved that. and then to bed for mom and dad. i believe we were all asleep by 8pm, 830pm at the latest. friday was tim's birthday and we went to a famous pizzeria in brooklyn, which was quite literally under the brooklyn bridge. got some great photos there of marley in her bling, which are on the big camara so i will post those later. after lunch we headed out to the poconos. sigh. a big deep breath and relax. devon's wedding was beautiful and the campground was great. just the right note to end the trip on. and marley was, of course, the hit of the party... i'll start with the photos now...i'll try to start with philly, but no promises...oh yeah, and for mom and kirby the photo of the court house is the actual courthouse in law & order...ok, so we are in philly until the picture of tim, marley, and me in front of the met. then it's nyc until you see ben feeding marley a bottle wearing her blingy fake fur coat and monkey hat. that shot starts the poconos...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

summer's over

well, my mom left yesterday to move back to texas...on the one hand it was a very sad day and on the other i realize how blessed i am to have the mom i do and have her able to move here for the summer...marley knows and loves her granny. we completely finished one quilt and two are well on there way. here are some photos of that as well as a few bonus ones of the big seven month old! i can't believe she's that old already!

Monday, September 14, 2009

marley meets sand and loves it

more photos from the portland trip

Saturday, September 12, 2009

a quick respite and then we're off again

we have been so super busy lately...sorry about the lack of updates...we have successfully moved with the much appreciated help of my mom and ben's cousin reese. we are somewhat settled in. slowly but and marley and i just got back from a train trip to portland, or to see uncle kirby. it was wonderful. marley loved the train and her uncle kirby. she got to put her toes in sand for the first time and loved it. kirby dipped her big toe into the ocean, which she did not love so much. she also got her first top front tooth on the trip. and i am pretty sure the second one is starting to come thru. so she now has four teeth! and while on the trip she weened herself. one day she refused the bottle, the next that is all she wanted. she definently has a mind of her own. we have no idea where she could have gotten that from. ben and i are both so pliable. =) we head out next week to the east coast, philly, nyc, and the poconos. very exciting. i have lots of photos of the trip, but can only post so many at a time. i'll do more when i can.