Thursday, December 27, 2012

christmas crazy town

ok, i have taken a lot of photos.  and i mean a LOT.  so here are just a few.
kirby and the girls have been very busy.

Friday, December 21, 2012

toe tapping

so yesterday started off as total shite.  i don't know why, but marley was on tear.  she was sent to her room or the corner about four times before breakfast and most days we don't have to do that at all.  soooo....what to do?  install a ballet barre in the living room.  we cleaned up, dad put up the barre, and then we dressed up in our ballerina outfits.  and the rest of the day was spent dancing.  marley pretended to be clara from the nutcracker and acted out the ballet.  davis got to be the mouse king, but i think that was mainly b/c marley wanted to throw her shoe at her.  davis adores her big sister and tries to do everything she does.  it's pretty darn adorable to watch the two of them.

i just love the faces they're making here.

jazz hands

marley means business.

d is studying her technique 

check out those muscles

yes big sister.  i will do whatever you do.

i made her toe shoes!

my girl having so much fun

Thursday, December 20, 2012

possible videos. maybe just one.

the above is just a typical afternoon at my house.  it did not allow me to add anymore.  argh.  adding videos is so difficult on here.  more later.

ballet time

marls thought our dance parties lacked class.  so we added a ballet barre to our living room.  i mean, why not?    the girls are super excited about it.  today is one long dance party.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

tree trimming time

We got our tree and are in the midst of trimming it up.  it is proving to be a tad difficult with all the helpers.  this morning we started adding ornaments and so far ben has already glued three ornaments back together.
sitting in mrs. claus's sleigh.  at the christmas tree farm.

marls pointing out the one she wants.

the first tree she wanted.

ben got lots of help.

d thought we were nuts

clearly we are crazy, says d.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the nutcracker

i got kind of crap photos b/c the girls were WAY excited and going a million miles an hour.  but they had a blast.  and marls got to meet some real live toe shoers after the show.  it was wonderful.  a great tradition continues.

davis absolutely adores her big sister.  

this dress is awesome for twirling.  

don't sit in the grass!  dont' sit in the grass!  they listen so well.


meeting one of the ballerinas after the show.

she got to meet clara!

marls and the mouse king
so before the show marley was somewhat anxious about the mouse king.  she kept asking me if he was mean and going to hurt the nutcracker.  i did my best to make her not worried.  after he danced she leaned over and whispered as only a three year old can (aka very loudly) he danced just for me momma!  turns out his mom was sitting in front of us and thought that was adorable.  the mouse king was her favorite part of the performance and she was sooo excited to meet him afterwards.