Wednesday, July 27, 2016

odds and ends

 poor norman trying to recover after his hospital stay.

 feeling better and playing at granny's.

 sisters are the best.

Tea Party

 We got quite a bit of use from our rose garden.  A tea party while Norman napped.

 The proper attire and make up is necessary for a good tea party.

 Marls's first day of public school.  It was a fantastic day.  All that anguish trying to make the right decision and it turned out it was.

Dance Dance Dance

 After our NYE celebration was over, we took down the white paper and Marls had the idea of drawing a huge backdrop for them to put on a performance.

 Together they drew a beautiful rose garden.
 First up was the Doodle.  She takes her performance very seriously.

 Norman was a whirling dervish.

 Off stage consultations.

 Attack of the Norminator.