Friday, February 25, 2011


i think spring has sprung in february. i think we might be in for a doosey of a summer. but until then, we will enjoy this wonderful weather!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sweet music

so i know i promised more portraits today, but ben has finished his mandolin! so, of course, i must post photos of the instrument. it's beautiful, but i am biased. i think it is extraordinary that ben has the know how to turn regular old wood into musical instruments. i would have no idea where to start.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Year Portraits

so mom, marley and i went to unity theatre and took some portraits of marley today. this was my first time attempting to take marley's portrait. i have had classes and worked under an amazing photographer when i lived in philadelphia. so mom and i have 38 favorites. i am not going to post them all now, just a couple of fun ones. we did formal and play clothes pictures. if you see one you would like, let me know. they are free for the taking. i'll try to post all of the favorites over the next couple of days. it takes awhile to upload them. if you can't tell i like black and white photos a lot, but i do have a lot of colour options as well. i'm pretty darn proud of myself right now. wasn't sure if i could do it, but i think i did a great job.

Monday, February 21, 2011

a garden for the lonserts

ok i did this post backwards again. start at the bottom if you would like to see them in order. maybe my brain is backwards.
the new location of our compost pile.

i asked her to smile for momma. this is what i got.

squeezing a tree.

watering some of the asparagus we planted.

our first snake. thankfully a teenie one.

helping dada plant.

dada showing marley the asparagus.

very busy with her dirt.

helping turn the dirt

working hard.

digging with one of her new shovels.

driving the truck to the dumo to get rid of our yard waste (not really it was parked)

she is supervising and is clearly asking me why i am not pulling weeds.

so we've been working hard trying to tame some of the wilderness in our backyard. we're going to have a garden and teach marley all about growing things this summer. hopefully. i do not have the greenest thumb. we've also started a compost pile. so far so good. tomorrow i am going to attempt to take her two year portraits. toddler willing.

the big two

opening a present from resa on her birthday night.
the birthday table

marley's cupcakes that she made and decorated herself.

waiting for her party to start.
present time!
oh boy! new shoes!
reading a new book with aunt lori and jude

jude was more into the tech stuff than the new shoes.

giving her new dolly a good squeeze.

a sit and spin!
oh boy!
running to try out her new wago from aunt resa
perfect for two!

blowing out her candles
it took a couple of tries but she got it

yummy cupcake!

yes, she did put frosting up her nose.

reading a new book with kelly, gg, and jude

three toddles standing still near one another. a miracle.

checking out her new computer with aunt resa.

giving silas a bye bye hug.
relaxing with granny after a long fun party.
hugging on gg.

well, i declare marley's second birthday party to have been a success! she had a great time and i think everbody else did too. she even stayed awake during the party. thank you so much to everyone who helped make this day special. marley is lucky to have such great family and friends who love her so.