Friday, June 25, 2010

tu tu cute

thanks to eric and lori, here is an adorable picture of ms. marley mae enjoying her new back yard and pool.

Monday, June 14, 2010

a big to do

MARLEY POOPED ON HER POTTY!!!! and has since peed in her potty on several different occasions. we are very excited. we're trying to use cloth diapers with her so she will realize she is wet, which seems to be going alright so far. we don't want to push it and make her afraid of the potty. i had some film developed but i cant' get the computer to read the cd, so no pictures today...uncle kirby gets here saturday and we can't wait to see him.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a new doctor

puppy love!

marley dressed herself. a ballerina dress, footie pjs and a bib to top it all off!
finally we have found marley a good doctor. and he is a pediatrician this time, which means ben and i are sol when we need a doctor...but we have our priorities. she now weighs 23.8 pounds and is 29.5 inches long. the doctor also noticed that she seems to have entered her terrible twos early. i think she just didn't like some stranger poking at her and weighing her...but she is very healthy and as we all know, very happy. she also got another tooth this week. and is working on another. they seem to come in twos with her. the bottom two canines.