Friday, August 27, 2010

birthday celebration

this is a very serious face
marley and her aunt resa after dinner

for some reason it is impossible to get every one to look at the camera at the same time, but two out of three isn't bad
after eating yummy fried green tomatoes
leaning in for a kiss
driving jude's car with her new and beloved mimi (the purple head peaking up)

today was resa's birthday and we had a girl's night out to celebrate. yummy fried green tomatoes out at round top. afterwords desert and presents at gg's house. marley also had a fun play date with her friend jude today. it was a busy day. she spent most of the play date either driving jude's car or chasing jude down and trying to give him a kiss. overall today was a wonderful day. and it wasn't so hot that we couldn't go outside. i think the high was around 94 today. which may still seem high to some, but after three straight weeks of 100 plus weather, it was a god send.

Monday, August 23, 2010

big girl pants

so i got this print in the mail. it's signed by the artist. we got it framed, but have no idea who it's from. if it's you or you know who it's from, we would love to know and thank you. it says : this home is made of an unbreakable kind of love
leaning in for the kiss
she really needed to wear these slippers that day. just had to.
looking for the dog wearing her big girl pants.
helping load the dishwasher.

marley has been doing really well with her big girl pants lately. we have been working on it every day. and she will tell me when she needs to potty or po po as she says. i think she is too cute for words in her big girl pants. baby juliet came for a visit with her momma candice and marley was in love. she is fascinated with babies lately. she was very sweet and kept giving juliet kisses. a couple of days ago i was sweeping the front room and marley followed right along with her broom. today, after i put marley down for her nap, i went back to load the dishwasher only to find marley had loaded it for me. thankfully she doesn't know how to turn it on. she also loves to put clothes in the dryer. dirty, clean, doesn't matter. in they all go. she loves to help clean. her favorite word is ca ca right now. thanks granny. =) but at least she understands when she isn't supposed to touch something. it's ca ca. today is ben and i's anniversary. hopefully we'll get to have at least a dinner out together. granny is on to baby sit, now if we can only get everything else together.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


marley mae turned 18 months old today! so big! she is getting her two year molars and has not actually been sick, as previously thought. so she is major grumpy pants b/c she is in pain. now that i know that, we are trying our best to over come. and i think she's doing a pretty good job. ain't no stinking teeth gonna get her down:

Friday, August 13, 2010

mmmm tissues

well, it's been a week and i am trying to post weekly. but it's been an uneventful week. we have spent the week visiting gg (which marley says now very excitedly) and we are ending it with a sick monkey. she's running a low fever and has snot pouring out of her nose. though it isn't green, so no worries. just a little head cold. i have started a very cool peek a boo quilt, which i am excited about. so, maybe next week there will be news, but this week there is none. not even a picture, though i am sure i can round up an old video...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

the children's museum of houston

checking out aunt resa's pretty toes
two very cool ladies
marley in her cool kid glasses
with granny and aunt resa doing her i don't know
no pictures please
with dad
me and marley

at the houston children's museum watching boats race
with dad in the wheel section of the museum
there were lots of wheels and she turned them all

playing peek a boo in the tunnel
and out of the tunnel
not a fan of slides
but she loves to climb
driving a car
playing with her lion
going for a ride on her lion

was very cool. we went today and it was crazy crowded, but marley didn't seem to be phased by that. she kept trying to hold random kids's hands. they have a toddler room, which was fun. the rest of the museum was a little old for marley, but she had fun all the same. i finally finished the water camera and got it developed. so those photos are from throughout the summer. it's finally hit 100 here and man is it hot. we are having to rearrange our whole way of thinking. in ohio it got so cold you didn't do anything outside. or you had to plan accordingly anyway. down here it's the summer you have to watch out for. louie is not impressed. but he gets to spend his days inside, so he's not complaining too much. just loud sighs every now and then. had another root canal on monday. that was a fun way to celebrate turning thirty. actually had a wonderful thirty day. mom made my special potatoes that only she seems to be able to make. and eric and erin were in town, so it was nice to be surrounded by family. i am now officially the dirty thirty.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

an ordinary day

i'm feeling very blessed today for my life. i have a wonderful husband and a healthy, beautiful, loving, intelligent daughter. i have family that loves me close by, best friends that live in the same state, a beautiful house, and a loving dog. sometimes i get so caught up in the little things that i lose sight of the big picture. i am truly blessed and so very thankful for each and every ordinary day.