Friday, September 30, 2011

the icky butt mystery

so i have finally figured out why marley is singing icky butt paint it green.  it's from music class.  and what she should be singing is: oh lukey's boat is painted green.   ah hoy. 
mmmmm honeycrisp apples are back in season.  we loooove them.

practicing her dance moves.

 speaking of dance.  we have a fundraiser we are doing for the brenham school of dance.  marley gets a percentage of what she sells to help defray the cost of costumes and other what nots.  we are selling goodies from a company in fredericksburg, which is in the texas hill country if you are not familiar.  they are jams and jellies, meat sauces, and dip flavorings.  all the makings for a delicious christmas basket.  or just for yourself.  if you would like to buy something or find out more about all the goodies, just drop me an email.

marley says "please"  how could you say no to this face?!

why hello there
so davis went to the doctor yesterday.  and to quote him:  if there was a famine, davis would be one of the babies that survived.  =)  she is almost 4 months old, almost has 3 teeth, and almost weighs 17 and a half pounds!  girlfriend is healthy.  the doctor was very pleased with her progress.  he even liked her attitude.  and we finally got some ointment to help clear up her eyes.  the doctor was hoping it would clear itself up but that is not happening.  it still could, but we are just helping it along.  her inner teat ducts are clogged and have been since birth.  no biggie.  yet.  she got the dreaded shots.  i made ben hold her down.  that is just not in this momma's job description.  he also said i could try to eat some dairy, as her disagreement with it might have ended.  i had a piece of pizza with cheese on it yesterday.  so far no compaints, just some loud farting action.  so we'll see.  i'm not gonna push it.  it's just cheese.  there are more important things in life. 
it's the weekend and ben is off, so we are going to try to cram as much as possible into two days time.  wish us luck!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


 ok so my mom thinks that this is hilarious.  i have to admit it is pretty funny.  davis gets mad.  not fussy.  not grumpy.  mad.  if she is not in her jammies and in her donut (the boppy pillow) by around 630pm every night.  and once she assumes the above position she is out for the night.  i mean she starts to laugh when she even sees her jammies.  it's great.  but she will NOT spend any time in her donut during the day. 
so do to the lack of cheese in my diet, i am expanding my repertoire of foods i eat.  tofu is taking center stage these days.  and i have never eaten much tofu.  but i am totally loving it.  i'm not a big fan of chinese food (just ask my mom) but lately i've been getting into it.  ben made chinese spaghetti the other night.  at least that's what we told marley it was.  asian noodles with teriyaki ginger sauce, broccoli and tofu.  it was awesome.  and marley chowed down.  so my two year old loves tofu and broccoli.  i gotta be doing something right.  and as you can tell by the photos below, she has an awesome fashion sense.

Friday, September 23, 2011

mother dearest

is beat ass tired today.  it has been a helluva long week.  and it's all my fault.  i am having problems forgiving myself for my imperfections.  and there are a lot of them.  at least there seem to be this week.  i think being a mom is the very hardest job i have ever had.  not that i would trade it for anything in the world.  i just need to learn to cut myself some slack.  relax.  take a deep breath.  i am a better mom when i relax, but i get stressed out about whether or not i'm being a good mom, so i can't relax.  and then i end up in tears and calling my mom for help.  which she gladly provides.  i am one of the lucky ones who absolutely loves their mom and has no recriminations from my childhood for her.  i think she did a great job with kirby and i.  especially with all the curve balls life threw at her.  so i have high expectations to live up to.  but, as my friend reminded me this week, it is far more important for my children to see me loving them and enjoying them, than hating myself for not being perfect.  they will learn self respect and self love from me and that is something i need to work on.  not that i hate myself or anything, i just expect a lot.  but today was a perfect afternoon.  we had a wonderful time out at washington on the brazos.  and we ended the day with marley walking around the house singing: oh icky  butt, paint it green!  which of course made me laugh b/c i have no idea where she got that song from. 
matching robes curtesy of granny

anybody have any idea what this means?  besides just being kinds scary?

momma's helper

chasing a butterfly today on our adventure at washington on the brazos

"ummm...i need it."

chasing a squirrel.  she got really close to it.  it must have been somewhat tame.

the stand off.

hmmm....maybe i walked too far.

so as i am loading up the girls and the gear this piece of my car fell off.  not sure what it is or where it came from.  just threw it in with the rest of the crap.  hopefully ben will know what it is.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

badass edness

ben and i are bad asses.  that's all there is to it.  the project totally worked and i think it's pretty darn awesome.  more importantly, marley does too.
this play kitchen goes for $235

what we started cost us $10

we cleaned

and we cleaned

and we painted

davis enjoying the great outdoors

marley was the project supervisor

ben had to make a mess

oh and i painted some more

marley screwed the new back on

and then took a joy ride

more paint

installing the cook top and doors

installing the sink

and bada bing!  we gots a play kitchen!  for under $50.

complete with window and curtain

so you may think this is an overly genderized toy, but you obviously don't know who does the cooking in this house.  it's all ben in the kitchen.  i dabble occaisionally.  so, she is emulating her daddy, not her momma.

she loves it.

granny helped supply some food.

playing at kindermusic

she has worn this tutu every day since she got it.

granny made her a bathrobe!  (the tutu is on underneath, hence the puffiness)

snake in granny's yard.  ewwwww.

loving being outside

happy girl outside