Friday, July 30, 2010

getting dressed

the future plumber at work....

marley can't seem to decide if she wants to take her diaper off or put her clothes on.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

introducing ....the potty chair

playing before the storm...check out her wind blown hair

UNO! (she loves mexican train)

we finally got our videos uploaded to the computer and i have had a good time watching them all. i'll try to share a few. this one is from when we first got her potty chair and she carried it all over the house. she was very excited about it. she's still excited, but now to use it and not play with it. she's also gotten better at sitting on it. =)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

our very own play set!

check out those curls!
peering at granny in her new telescope that granny and i built!
scaling the rock wall...argh almost there!
monarch caterpillars at my mom's
more of the little fellas
marley checking out granny's garden
drinking from the hose
splish splash in granny's pool
a great big grin
laughing at granny blowing bubbles

so today i constructed the play set. with a little help from my mom. the box said it would take one person 20 minutes to assemble. the box lied. it took two competent adults an hour. but marley is pretty excited with the results. she only played for a minute, as it was super hot and humid. we also got to go over to granny's the other day and swim in her backyard and see some very cool monarch caterpillars. this afternoon we are off to the theatre to watch some big kids play.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

play date fun

silas enjoying the icing
jude and marley playing with the chalk table
jude and marley cuddling in jude's special chair
jude, marley, and silas playing with the chalk table
silas and marley in the play room
jude and marley in the tent
marley at hot nights cool tunes in downtown brenham
with aunt resa listening to the music
meeting baby juliet with candice
at the blue bell creamery with meshell and her niece kirstin

marley went on a play date yesterday and it was very fun. she got to play with a little boy named jude and a little boy named silas. they were all born within a month of each other. marley is the biggest. i think she's going to be tall. she is already wearing a size 24 months. she's not even 18 months old yet! i guess she has some jones in her. i think we're going to try to make the play dates a regular occurance. after everyone warmed up, they all seemed to get along fine. we tried to decorate cookies, but marley does not like to get her hands dirty. my little princess. but there was plenty of other things for them to get into. we have also been going to hot nights/cool tunes in downtown brenham on saturday nights. and meshell came for a visit. we toured the ice cream factory and marley got to eat ice cream for the first time. she wasn't too impressed. but she didn't spit it out either. and of course, baby juliet and candice came for a visit. marley was totally fine with me holding the baby, but as soon as granny tried to hold her we had a complete and total melt down. marley is not willing to share her granny.

Monday, July 5, 2010

busy busy busy

uncle kirby reading and cuddling with marley

playing in granny's backyard with uncle kirby


the cutest little tukus ever.

waiting patiently for uncle kirby to fix her pool

playing ball with uncle eric
teaching granny how to play baseball

with great grandpa elmer at carillon park in dayton ohio
in one of the old fashioned school rooms

at the us air force museum in dayton ohio
dancing with great aunt barb at the milton club
listening and dancing to the kettering banjo society
with grandma susie, dad, and uncle cory

me and my monkey mae

well, ben, marls and i just got back from a whirl wind trip to ohio. unfortunately it was not just for pleasure. marley's great grandma, mary ann lonsert, passed away last week. she will be greatly missed. please keep her and her loved ones in your thoughts and prayers. she was an amazing lady and had a very full life. marley is lucky to have so many great grandma's in her life. we had a nice week with elmer, marley's great grandpa. he showed us around dayton, filling us in on all the history. before that kirby was in town for a week. we had a great visit with him as well. we also had a house warming party while kirby was in town. it was nice to have all of the family together. we really do have a great back yard, which we will hopefully get to use a lot, if not this summer, then this fall. being in ohio was nice, i don't think it even reached 80 degrees while we were there. but that is one long road trip. marley is an angel, but i do not recommend four days in a car with a toddler. i'm tired just thinking about it. so nice to be home...