Monday, October 31, 2011

five months old AND halloween!!!

sunday evening at our church's trunk or treat.

with rachel, whom marley just loves

passing out candy from our trunk

"lady, it is my nap time.  put down that darn camera and give me some boob"

with donna, another of marley's favorites

discovering candy

nap time

so their costume was the 80s.  aka my childhood.  when did i get so old?!

seesa and marls on halloween night.  that's tonight.

trick or treat!

m also delivered newspapers to the people who trick or treated.

very cool pumpkin

alice in wonderland
five months old!

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ok, so kirby's idea to modify the onesie to fit was make it into a muumuu.  well, i kind of modified that idea.  here is the result, but i didn't quite modify it big enough....more like a girdle.  oopsie!  hopefully next month will fit her.
that is impressive drool


my little dancer
so marley acts, speaks, and looks grown a lot of the time.  here she looks like my little baby still.  not sure what makes the difference, but she looks so young here.

"flores, flores para los muertos"  don't forget to honor your passed loved ones tomorrow on dia de los muertos!

back to being grown

my little skeleton is just skin and bones!
well, i better get back to checking marley's candy for razorblades.  it's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

adventures in fashion

outfit of choice for yesterday.  she eventually added her pink and green tutu for that something extra.

we made a mess this morning...and some cookies too.

today's adventure in fashion

lady i am about to chew through my own arm if this tooth doesn't get here soon.
on a side note, ms davis is officially sleeping in her own room.  tonight is the first night.  just put her in there.  feeling a bit sad.  and nervous.  i wonder how many times i will be up during the night to check and see if she's breathing.  i mean i still check on marley.  at least once a night. 
i'm serious

finishing stella

meshell came for a visit

ta da!

bear growl
 so while we were outside this morning marls was tromping through the bushes singing going on a bear hunt and then growling.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a new wardrobe

so marley grew.  a lot.  since last winter anyway.  she's a tall skinny minnie.  and we are getting a cold front.  so i dragged ben kicking and screaming (j/k he went along quite cheerfully) to the outlet mall.  and then we let marley loose.  i figure it's her clothes, why can't she pick what she likes?  it was fun to see what she picked.  basically if it was soft, pink, sparkly, a tutu, or had animals or guitars on it marley wanted it.  and she got it.  i don't know if anything matches, but she puts her outfits together anyway, so if she thinks it looks good, it does. 
the new duds

and a new hat.

outfit styled by marley
so we recently introduced the concept of an undershirt for marley.  she loved this idea.  now she picks out two shirts and tells me which one is the undershirt.  this morning i accidentally got it wrong.  see above for the correct way according to ms marls. she is quite the fashionista.