Tuesday, March 29, 2011

picture overload~ the train ride there

backwards posted again. this is the end picture. on our last train to portland they gave us a bottle of champagne and sparkling cider. marley learned how to cheers.
snuggling with granny after a nap. she finally said granny outloud on the trip.
in the cascades. we saw a bald eagle fly by our train car here.
a brief break to stretch our legs and get some fresh air.
watching the world go by
she spent most of the trip snuggling with granny.
the view from our sleeper car near santa barbara, ca.
they gave us a bag of toiletries. marley loved them.
waiting at the train station in LA for our next train.
very excited about all the choo choos
stretching our legs in el paso, tx.
by our sleeper car
in the dining car on st. patty's day
train sleep is good sleep. it's like being rocked all night long.
so VERY VERY excited when we first got on the train to leave.

ok, i have SOOOOO many photos to share. i am way behind. so, i will make a start today and probably just do photos over the next few days. a brief update on all the lonsert news: simba is due in TEN weeks. we go on thursday for our check up. i have been having braxton hicks contractions like crazy the past couple of days. but that doesn't really mean anything. they're just a nusance really. we started getting simba's room ready today. washed some of marley's baby clothes, after she was done trying them on, of course. marley has officially switched to a big girl bed. so far no troubles. in fact, she seems to be sleeping better. she loves her bed. she has been diaper free for about three weeks now and still very few accidents, i think only three. she went the entire vacation without an accident. this kid is crazy smart. ben is a movie star. he has started working as a luthier at zither music company. they make electric dulcimers (yes, you were right mom, they are dulcimers). Texas Country Reporter came and did a piece on them for PBS and it is due to air in about three weeks. we will keep you posted. although ben chose to grow his facial hair while i was out of town, so his face will prbably look dirty on tv. =) there are lots of teenage boys with more facial hair than ben can grow. good thing he looks cute clean shaven. other than that, things are pretty quiet here.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


big girl bed, little girl butt.
after a wonderfully fun and exciting vacation ms marls, my mom, and i are home. ahh home sweet home. details will be coming soon and hopefully photos but for now here is my big girl sleeping after we got home this morning.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


we made it to portland after a very fun train trip. marley was so excited to wake up on the choo choo every day. she has been such a trooper and has had the best time. she even has a new milestone: she can say granny now! she doesn't do it all the time, prefering sign language, but she will call out granny verbally now too! we spent our first morning here at the oregon museum of science and industry. marley had a blast, as we all did. she is sound asleep now and we will soon be off for more adventures. just a quickie to say we are safe and having a fantastic time!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chugga Chugga Choo CHoo

ms marls, my mom and i are headed out for our great train adventure in just a few hours! we are going all the way to portland to visit uncle kirby and then back home again. and we're leaving the boys behind. we have a sleeper car and everything. i am very excited. how many people are lucky enough to take such fun adventures with two of their most favorite people?! so the boys are in charge until we get back. louie should have had his fill of hot dogs by then. things will be quiet on the blog front until then, but i should have tons of pictures when we get back!

Monday, March 14, 2011


i got my sewing/photography room done! WOO HOO!!! i feel like i can go in there with a clear head and start a new project. after vacation, of course.

a potty update: last monday marley decided she no longer needs diapers (except to sleep). so, ok. we went with it. and she has only had TWO accidents in a week. i think that is pretty darn awesome. she weened herself, so why wouldn't she potty train herself? such a smarty pants. we are so in for it with simba.

speaking of simba, we are officially in the final trimester. 28 weeks today. on the home stretch. so as i waddle by, please try to contain your laughter. i do still have feelings, somewhere under all this belly. =)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

jude is two!

safety first. she loves to wear these glasses everywhere. fine by me.
she was so excited about the carousel that she ran there and her hair stood straight up!
i think this face says it all

silas was there too and they gave each other sweet hugs

the birthday boy and his dad
marley and i both tend to make some great faces when caught on film. hers are much cuter though.
pretty sure her and her horse are on the same wavelength here.
mmmmm cupcake.

today we had the last of the three amigos birthday parties. Jude is now two and he knows how to throw one heck of a party. or his mom does. she had everything beautifully decorated down at fireman's park and even rented the carousel for an hour for all the kiddos. well, i think i rode the carousel for 45 minutes. marley LOVED it! as you can tell by the photos. all in all a totally fun day and ms marls is sleeping soundly now and i am about to put my cankles up. i know i take a ton of pictures, but marley is just so darn cute.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

plant a carrot get a carrot

ms marls is ready to play some baseball. her grandpa (my dad) would be so proud.
back porch sitting
giving larry a kiss
very tickled by larry.
larry the lizard came out of hibernation.

giving lou lou a bath. he doesn't seem to mind. or notice.

planting the garden with granny

beautiful happy girl.

chillin with granny

playing with her screwdriver and saw that dad made her. wearing her safety glasses, of course.

safety first.

the AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH before photo of my sewing/photography room.

granny came over today and we planted some more of our garden. it was great fun. the more marley plays outside, which is most days, the more she loves to get dirty.
i started a big task a couple of days ago and now it looks even messier than before. i am determined to get my sewing/photography room organized. i will post a before photo and when i finish, which i will, i will post the after photo. it has to get worse before it can get better.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

i just want your extra time and your kiss

marley riding her pony.
happy tired lou lou

a girl and her dog.

marley does her interpretive dance to prince. sorry it's sideways. i can't figure out how to upload the one that is right side up. so just tilt your head and enjoy!

she is fine by the way. this video was taken first and the one above second. she got up and kept on dancing. i guess she likes prince. can't say i blame her. it's hard not to dance to fun music. as you can tell we had quite the entertainer on our hands this evening.