Thursday, March 14, 2013

too many balls

with ben working over six months straight of mandatory overtime, i have found myself lately juggling too many balls.  and i had the mindset that it was temporary, that there was an end in sight.  well, there's not.  they keep saying the mandatory ot is going to end, but it doesn't.  so, we are stopping living in emergency, just tough it out mode and turning it into this is how we live mode and are in the process of making things easier to juggle.  only took us six months.  what can i say, in this respect ben and i are very similar.  we like to do things the hard way first.  all that is to say that i have been awful about the blog lately.  i have about a million pics to share, but i'm going to start at the most recent.  as in yesterday and the day before.
 i have a problem with the clothes they make for little girls.  they're tacky and too grown.  so when i was at the walmarts the other day i saw a bunch of plain tanks on sale for $3, i snatched up a bunch.  we have paint and iron on details and then i also did this with some fabric scraps.  cute and age appropriate, i think.

 in an effort to further organize and declutter (and i just love to move furniture around) i rearranged the girls's bedroom the other day.  we made a nice reading nook for them too.  i think they love it.

 davis looked like she had a black eye after helping granny dig and build her new garden.

 d had the best nap ever.  naked baby outside.  she's really starting to be a toddler.  more words, more communication.  and she's weened herself completely.  but she still loves to snuggle.  thankfully, both my girls do.
 marls has been wearing this hat everywhere.  you may remember it from when she was six months old.  it's part of a superhero costume she wore to the airport to pick up my mom and resa for a visit in ohio.  i just thought it was one of her things and let her do whatever.  well, it turns out she's wearing it b/c it's her weldinghat just like daddy's.

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