Monday, April 15, 2013

granny's birthday

we had a wonderful birthday party with granny today.  so great that both my girls were totally sacked out by 7pm.  marley woke up sooo excited it was granny's birthday and we were going to through her a party.  ben and marls made a delicious strawberry cake (with fresh local strawberries!  or as marley says, they're from a farm.  a farm.  i've been there.)  then we went and sang to granny and took her to lunch at the funky art, which was delicious.  i do not eat there often enough.  and then we spent the day playing in granny's yard.  it was nice and relaxing.

i asked her to show me her pretty face.  this is not the normal response.  

we hauled out kirby's old tonka trucks today.  real metal.  a very big hit.

playing in dirt, then playing in water.  my girls couldn't have been happier.  especially since they were with their granny.  side note:  davis says granny now!  it's pretty darn cute!

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