Friday, July 5, 2013

happy 4th of july!

we had ourselves a busy day celebrating yesterday.  we got together with our good friends the cason's and caravaned to round top for the parade.  it was an interesting parade.  a good one, but full of some odd things.  then we headed to royer's for some pie and ice cream for lunch.  then home for naps and then together again for bbq dinner and then out to washington on the brazos for fireworks.  it was a great day.  the girls sacked out early tonight.  we had a super quiet day today.
waiting for the parade to start

 ok, so i know war reenactments are popular around here, but why aren't both sides represented?!
 every time a fire truck went by it would blow it's whistle.  doodle did not appreciate that.  every time she saw a fire truck she covered her eyes.

 doodle just couldn't make it till the fireworks started.  she needed a nap.

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