Tuesday, January 14, 2014


i feel a little like i'm drowning these days, trying to get a handle on having three kids, giving them all the attention they need, and running a house.  three kids is no joke.  we've had the holidays and every one has been very ill, so hopefully once we get back to our routine i'll be able to find my sea legs.  norman has had a rough start at life, but he seems to be doing well these days.  he wasn't gaining weight well enough for the doctor, but i think we've gotten over that.  i was having problems nursing, complete with a bout of mastitis, but we've gotten over that.  and then the stomach virus hit.  but doodle seems to be the only one still lingering with that illness.  soooo, knock on wood, i think we might be leveling out over here.  i've got ten tons of photos from the holidays to share, but frankly i've been lucky to get two hours in a row of sleep, so once the kids are down i am too.  again, hopefully that will start to improve.  norman's sleeping for longer stretches and the girls should be back to sleeping through the night now that they aren't sick.  deep breathes and taking things one minute at a time.  i can do what i can do.  i am not a miracle worker.  and that's ok.  sometimes i am my harshest critic (other times it's those closest to me that voice their opinions a little too loudly, but c'est la vie) and i have to remember what matters most right now.  and that is not being perfect.  or appearing to be.  anywho.  we had a tea party on sunday to celebrate mommy not throwing up anymore.

 norman's first tea party.  he was not impressed.

 best big sister ever.
 norman has some loud gas.  it is hilarious.

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