Sunday, February 16, 2014

two months

about two weeks ago we hit two months old.  he had a cold and was not super happy.  i tried several times to get some of his cute happy faces but then decided to stick with grumpy, since that's how he feels at two months old.  his baptism is going to be march 2nd for those who care to join us.  at two months norman is:
~ sleeping in three hour stretches.  mostly.  although last night he slept for six for the first time.  i'm hoping that is here to stay.
~ kind of a grumpy man.  he's been sick a lot and has bad gas always.  we go in for our well baby visit tuesday.  i'm hoping the doctor has some suggestions.
~wants to eat all the time, so i'm pretty sure we are on track weight wise.
~wears a size six month.
~loves to nap on his belly, especially in his sisters's beds.
~loves when ben holds him facing out, so he can see the world.
~pushes up to stand when you hold him.  he's gonna love the jumperoo.
~smiles.  it's a little crooked and very cute.  he thinks louie is hilarious.

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