Monday, July 14, 2014


i lost track and haven't updated in a bit.  norman is seven months now.  i will post those soon, although the last post is pretty hard to beat.  we went to the doc today b/c he either has the beginnings of another ear infection or the end of one.  either way, we just have to wait and see.  he now is the average size of someone three times his age.  yep.  big boy.  but a happy boy.  and healthy.  anywho.  i've been taking pictures for the girls's dance studio of all the dancers with their trophies.  before i packed up my backdrop and floor i let the kids roll around a bit.  i really am quite the lucky momma to have these three.

this was father's day.  they were doing a dino dig kit and turns out there was no dino in it.  

don't worry man, i got this.

i have two big sisters.  help.

so i've started doing this workout called piyo.  it's a type of pilates/yoga.  anywho, here norman is perfecting his moves.  

contemplating the big world out there....

....and deciding to eat it.

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