Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Eight months!

My little man is eight months old today!!!  Here are some things that are new:
~crawling!  super fast when he sees something he wants
~sitting up by himself.  he still flops over backwards now and then, but it's becoming more rare
~he laughs a lot
~his voice.  he either does a gravelly growl or a high pitched squeal.  not a whole lot in between.  he's discovering it and experimenting with it.
~he has a food allergy, though we are still trying to determine what it is.  he broke out in hives from head to toe one day.  so we are starting over at square one with food, trying to determine what it is.
~he wears a size 24 month or 2T.
~he weighs 25 pounds.  seriously.
~he is the happiest little dude.  so interested in the world around him.
~if he can put it in his mouth and chew on it, he will.

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