Sunday, September 14, 2014

crazy town

whew.  life got crazier when school started.  ben is now on days, and that is pretty awesome.  marls is in kindergarten, and she loves it.  dance has started for both girls.  and norman is in to every single thing.  and he's fast and fearless.  pretty much a tank.  if it's in his way, he just goes over it.  anywho.  we've had a flurry of house showings in the last two weeks and are actually under contract right now.  nothing set in stone, as they have 14 days to back out, but we're hopeful.  and a little panicked, because that gives us 30 days to find and negotiate a new house, as well as pack up and move out of this house.  what?!  and i'm about to go into the busy season for photographers.  so, you know.  madness.  but ben and i tend to do better when life is throwing crazy at us.  we seem to preform better as humans when shit is nuts.  so hopefully that remains true.  anywho.  it's pretty exciting.  here are some pictures of ms marls on her first night back at dance.  she is entering her fourth year of dance, which is kind of hard to believe.  she is growing sooooo fast.  this year she has an hour and a half class because she has started to take jazz as well.  marls came home from school the first day and i asked her how she liked her teacher.  she said "she's kinda bossy."  the next day i asked her again and she said "oh momma, i love her!"  i am gathering lots of school stories.  most just make me smile.  she came home the other day and asked me if a pink skinned person could marry a brown skinned person.  i asked her why she asked that and she said that a little boy in her class told her that a pink skinned person couldn't marry a brown skinned person but she didn't think that was true.  i told her she was right and that she could marry anyone she loved.  so she asked if she could marry norman.  and a couple days ago she got in the car and told me how she had given a little boy in her class a hug after another little boy had pushed him down and then she said: my heart is full of love, that's why i'm such a good girl.  oh, i love this child.  she is wonderful.  we have jokingly decided that she's kind of like a border collie.  she is super high energy all day long, very intelligent, and needs structure and a job or she is in trouble.  and a heart full of love.

 i love this picture of marls.  it is so her.

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