Wednesday, December 17, 2014

santa's wonderland!

we go every year.  last year it was pure madness.  so many people it was hard to walk.  this year we went on a different day and it was perfect.  slightly chilly, by texas standards, and not crowded.  i love seeing all the lights.  i love watching the kids see all the lights more.  it's a perfect introduction to the christmas holidays.

 marls loves a good map.

 waiting in line.
 normy was very excited.
 snow!!!  (sort of)

 doodle has a fascination with reindeer.  it's what she asked for for christmas from santa.  so we had to watch this one eat for a minute in hopes that he would pay us some attention.
 starting the hay ride for the tour of lights.  undecided at this point.

 oh, he loves it.  was waving, talking, and clapping the whole time.

 pony rides make for happy girls.

 and jealous little brothers.

 secrets with granny
 so the band asked if any of the kids wanted to come up and sing a song with them.  no hesitation, marls ran up there.  she was first.  loves to be the center of attention, that one.
 with some coaxing and sister's hand, doodle joined her.
and, of course, we had to see frosty dance.  there were also cloggers there that night.

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