Thursday, January 29, 2015

Scary day

IWe had a bit of a scary day yesterday. Found out the hard way that Norman is allergic to tree nuts. 
This is when the reaction first started. He are a small handful of cashews. By the time we got to the er his entire head was red with hives, his eyes were almost swollen shut, and the hives were all down his body. 
I called Ben at work and he rushed over. When Norman and I got to the er they rushed him back, pushed me out of the way, and four different nurses and doctors worked on him. He got an epi, some steroids, and more Benadryl (I had given him some at home). 
It was a scary and exhausting day. 
He did this all afternoon. But when he woke up this morning he did this:

So I think we're better today. He's still got a couple of hot spots on his legs but he's running around like crazy. And climbing. Everything. So we're making some changes at our house. Absolutely NO tree nuts allowed. Please keep this in mind when visiting and bringing food. Luckily I already read food labels, now I just have something extra to look out for. 

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