Sunday, March 22, 2015

Marls is SIX

I can not believe my Marls is six.  And she'll be in first grade next year.  Time really does go flying by.  I remember sobbing when it was time to take her home from the hospital because I had no idea what I was doing.  I still don't, but I am pretty good at loving her.  She's amazing.
Here are some pictures from her fancy nancy tea party.  It was a smashing success.  No, I did not do all of this.  My friend is a party planner and we traded services.  I love to barter.  Actually, I'll start with her birthday.  She chose the zoo and then dinner at los cabos with granny.
I have a love hate relationship with zoos.  I love their educational abilities and the work they do to protect endangered animals, but seeing this guy in a cage breaks my heart.  

the three musketeers waiting to start our adventure.

yes, there hair is pink and blue.  it washed out.  

feeding the giraffes is always awesome.

her hair matched.

norman was so tickled to be able to walk around.

And now for her birthday party.
margo showing her art work.  the kids got to color their own tea cup and coaster to take home as a party gift.

those rolls

doodle begged for two days for a piece of cake.  nothing was taking her away from it.  

friends reading together.  make me happy to see.

they got to play dress up with costumes borrowed from marley's dance studio.

pre party in her beautiful dress that granny made.

reading the book that inspired the party.  fancy nancy and too many tutus.

doodle striking a pose.  of course.

there was even a waiter to seat the girls, give them roses, and pour their "tea"

the waiter.

coloring their tea cups.

all the girls at the party

new dolls!  

norman hung on for as long as he could....

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