Wednesday, June 17, 2015

dance competition

ok, so this was back in april.  the girls did an amazing job.  marls has been doing so well in ballet she's been asked to join an older, more advanced class.  she is super excited.  doodle's class won most entertaining, and considering we, the audience, were laughing out loud during their performance, i think they earned it.  anywho.  we should be back to regularly scheduled family shenanigans from here on out.
doodle showing off her award

not sure if i shared these, but marls had to dress up like a superhero for the school talent show.  she designed her own outfit, of course.

they sang and danced to a song about superheros.  marls is quite the performer.

getting our make up done before the performance

showing off their sparkles

this picture cracks me up.  doodle and her class

marls and her class

on stage waiting for awards!  i am more excited than she is, it appears.

when her class won the most entertaining award, doodle had to go up and talk to the lady.  she did great.  it was sooo stinking cute.

not sure why marls didn't want her picture taken just now, but i think she was over it by this point and ready to eat.

with what they really wanted: new lovies.  oh yeah, and their trophies.  

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