Monday, August 24, 2015

first day of school!!!!

Just a quickie.  Today was the first day of school!  Marls starts first grade today and Doodle starts pre-k.  First we took Marls to the big kid playground, where she proceeded to burst into tears and throw herself into my arms.  I wasn't expecting that at all, so of course I fell over and almost took out a couple of kids.  She cried for a very short time and then one of her sweet friends came over, took her hand, and led her off to play.  Then, expecting a full on meltdown Doodle style, we headed over to Doodle's playground.  Kid threw her backpack down and was off to play without a look back.  I went and gave her a push on the swings and a kiss and we left, not wanting to tempt fate.  Peeked in on Marls and she was on the big slide laughing and playing.  So, all is good.  I can't wait to here about their first days.  Norman is bored with me already.  We'll settle into a rhythm though.  I took more, but here's a little picture from this morning.

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