Wednesday, September 21, 2016


So, we went camping for Spring Break.  It was the kids' first time camping.  We called a bunch of different places, but no sites available.  I'm not a planner and this was a last minute idea.  We found one at Meridian State Park.  A rustic site.  I'm a tad nervous about this.  I grew up camping, but haven't been in years.  Our girls are terrified of ants.  Norman's allergic to everything.  A rustic site?!  But it turns out this just means there's no running water to the site.  We were still able to drive to our site.  It was perfect, and one of the best hair brained ideas I've had in a while.  One that we are going to make sure we do twice a year from now on.  I took about a zillion photos and I'm going to make a book of them all, but here are the first little bit.  Day One.
 We have arrived!

 Checking out our campsite.

 A little lunch before we go exploring.
 We gave each of the kids a disposable camera.  Priceless.

 The park we went to was full of fossils.

 Coloring break before we go out for more fun.
 Norman opted to eat his crayon.
 Fishing time.


 And olives.  Great appetizers.

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