Friday, March 24, 2017

Forth Worth

We went to Fort Worth for about a week last year for the girls' dance competition.  Here are all the photos from that trip.  It was a super fun family trip.
 The dance moms!  Best group of ladies.
 Getting Doodle's hair appropriately crazy.

 With their dance instructor that taught them their duet
 Waiting for awards.  Check out that hair.
 Doodle was feeling the music.
 First place!

 Chillin in the hotel room

 Waiting for the stampede

 flat Jesus came with us.
 Marls is the oldest in this picture.  hahaha.
 checking out the cows.  one was nice enough to poop right in front of their faces.

 Norman found a fan and there he stayed.
 Marls wanted to take him home with us.
 Ava was finally brave enough to get close enough to pet.

 Marls's dance class

 someone lost a tooth while we were on vacation!
 getting dolled up for Ava's fancy birthday dinner

 Best group of friends.

 At the waco zoo on the way home.

The tooth fairy came!

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