Tuesday, May 25, 2010

gas leak

well, we finally got the gas leak solved...if you live in the city of brenham, the city will come and investigate and fix gas leaks for free. and they are super quick... so where the plumber failed, the city triumphed. nothing majoy, just a connection not tight. ben and i went to see robin hood tonight and it was super good, i thought. two and a half hours and i was still wanting more. we got marley a potty chair and she thinks it is the coolest toy ever. i figure if we get her comfortable with it now, maybe potty training won't be so hard...ha. as if that will be easy. well, when i posted last i realized that i never put up any of the beach trip pictures from our adventures in galveston with aunt doo doo. so these are from march and soon more recent videos...marley gets her dance moves from me...this is back at christmas time

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