Friday, May 21, 2010

we survived!

we survived the move and are fairly unpacked...we even found a bonus drill. well not really a bonus one. ours that we thought the movers had lost. it was in the box with the vases. makes sense, right? anyways we are fairly settled in. we have even put some paint on the walls. and today had our first home owner emergency. we heard from various sources that the house smelled like gas. i was immune and ben was at work. called a plumber and everything checks out. luckily. we had a heck of a time finding the water heater. i mean they are pretty hard to hide, being pretty big, but the previous homeowners managed. this should have shown up on the home inspection, especially as the plumbers words were, i don't think this is legal. hmmmm....turns out they had walled the heater in with only one vent to the attic and then put a bookshelf in front of the heater. kind of hard to explain. but in the kitchen there is a shallow bookshelf that both ben and i were told was a built in. turns out it is what they consider access to the water heater. so we tore down the sheet rock in the bedroom closet that was hiding the water heater and put the bookshelf back in place. so once the water heater was vented, and the gas lines were checked, it was determined that the probable source of the gas smell was the stove. so the gas line to that has been turned off and someone is coming out to inspect it on monday morning...until then i just couldn't possible cook...sigh...i guess we'll just have to grill...i'm sure i have new photos somewhere...but not today, sorry...still need to unpack my photography stuffs and my sewing room. i have another new project to work on, so i had better get a move's a photo of my friend laura and her husband fed's wedding quilt. one of my favorites so far...and a baby's first steps...

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