Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the nutcracker

i got kind of crap photos b/c the girls were WAY excited and going a million miles an hour.  but they had a blast.  and marls got to meet some real live toe shoers after the show.  it was wonderful.  a great tradition continues.

davis absolutely adores her big sister.  

this dress is awesome for twirling.  

don't sit in the grass!  dont' sit in the grass!  they listen so well.


meeting one of the ballerinas after the show.

she got to meet clara!

marls and the mouse king
so before the show marley was somewhat anxious about the mouse king.  she kept asking me if he was mean and going to hurt the nutcracker.  i did my best to make her not worried.  after he danced she leaned over and whispered as only a three year old can (aka very loudly) he danced just for me momma!  turns out his mom was sitting in front of us and thought that was adorable.  the mouse king was her favorite part of the performance and she was sooo excited to meet him afterwards.

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