Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mini Panic

So I had a little mini heart attack this evening.  Nothing catastrophic but I thought I had somehow lost the blog.  Like all of it.  I have the first year printed out, but haven't printed it since then b/c it costs money.  Lots of it.  So does anyone know of a more cost effective way to turn this into a book?  I would hate to lose it all, and really like the idea of the girls having actual books to hold onto and look through when they're older.
Anywhoozlbees.  Dance.  The queen of dance.  She rocked it this weekend.  Here are a few shots.  The sun is right in her eyes, thus the squinty looks.

girlfriend loves to jump.

uncle shell came to visit.  we love her!

miss anna, the ballerina

d wants to dance sooo bad.

one tired puppy in her favorite spot.

waiting to perform

her dance class

watching the big girls dance

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