Tuesday, January 1, 2013

christmas time fun!

so the end comes first here.  i am wading backwards through the many millions of photos i took over the past week and a half.  family time is awesome time.  i can't seem to get enough of watching my brother love on and delight and play with my girls.  he is such an awesome uncle. and one that i sure went home exhausted and sore.
trying out uncle kirby's quilt

christmas with aunt erin 

modeling her new bow

davis likes to pair her big bows with her man vests.

yay building blocks!

marls absolutely adores uncle kirby.

books.  this one loves books.

park time play time at jackson street.

troll hunting

fixing uncle kirby's back.

digging in the snake pit.

trying to get a good one of the three of them together.  this is my personal favorite.  

maybe marley was farting?  she sure got kirby and davis's attention.

fixing kirby's feet.

so sad.  waving bye bye to uncle kirby.

davis wants to fix uncle kirby's back too.

reading together.

doing the chicken dance.

helping granny with her presents.

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